Beach Vacation Nails for a Refreshing Look

Beach Vacation Nails for a Refreshing Look

Beach Vacation Nails for a Refreshing Look

Are you ready to hit the beach? Summer is rapidly approaching, and soon hopefully, everyone will get some time in the sun by the seaside. Whether you’re kicking it in Malibu, at the Jersey Shore, or on a tropical beach somewhere like Bali, we know a cute set of nails could just be the perfect thing to complete your beach look.

We are thinking colorful, sparkly, and fun. Summer is about getting outside and spending time with the people you love. Your nails should be ready to celebrate that, whether at a barbeque or just a casual day in the sand.

Read on to check out some of our summer suggestions. We know a cute set of nails might be just the thing to make this summer your summer.

Baywatch? More Like Baewatch

We know that the color red catches attention, and for a good reason.

One of TV’s most iconic moments is Pamela Anderson running down the beach in her signature red lifeguard swimsuit. We think the color red is great when it comes to both swimsuits and nails, especially if you want to catch the eye of a beach cutie.

When going for a classic, simple red manicure, we recommend N Tint Brick. These are perfect for matching with red swimsuits or adding a pop of color to your life.

Looking for something a little sweeter? Try this gorgeous french manicure, N To You, complete with red hearts. This set is a lovely, modern take on a classic nail that still somehow has a vintage feel. These are perfect for anyone looking for love this summer.

Having a beach picnic? Park yourself on a picnic blanket and enjoy a relaxing, sunny day with these P Cherry Crush nails. A sweet picnic motif complete with delicate and delicious cherries makes for a fun and flirty day out.

Try Some Sparkle

Are you ready to glisten in the sun? It’s time to apply some body oil (or sunscreen, if you’re in the mood to be responsible). Put on your biggest shades, and get ready to glisten from head to toe.

We recommend anything with glitter to get your nails in on the sparkling-in-the-sunlight moment. For something more understated, try N Gold Coast. It brings to mind sunsets and old Hollywood glamor.

Looking for an over-the-top Edward Cullen moment? You can't beat N Sunny Day. It’s complete with nail gems for the perfect, eye-catching look. These nails will reveal you to the regular humans on the beach, but won’t you look good doing it?

Rainbow Nails

What says, “I’m here to have fun,” as much as a rainbow? Nothing. If you are ready to party and be happy, we recommend trying out colorful rainbow nails. Rainbows bring to mind treasure, love, and pride.

Rainbows are joyous and colorful, which is just how we want your summer of adventure to be.

If you are looking for something more subtle, we recommend N Pastel rainbow nails, but if you want something more dazzling and out there, these N Dazzling rainbow ombre nails are the way to go.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

One of the worst realizations in the world is when you arrive at the beach, kick off your shoes, and realize with horror that your toes don't look their best.

Having undone toenails can definitely take a hit on your confidence, especially if you’re feet are already rocking something less elegant, like a sock tan. We want to help you get ahead of that issue by recommending sets of some of the cutest summer pedicures around.

It's the season of sandals, flip-flops, and open-toed shoes, so don't forget to make your feet the priority they deserve to be. We also suggest giving yourself a foot massage while you’re at it or doing a sea-salt foot scrub to exfoliate your feet and heels.

Our feet are one of our most important body parts, but we often forget to care for them. Feet actually make up for twenty-five percent of the bones in our body, if you can believe it. A whole quarter. This makes it crazy that we forget to treat our feet with the care they deserve.

Treat yourself right by kicking off your shoes and applying one of these great sets of pedicures. And, prepare to be excited, ohora is offering a vacation special of Buy 3 Get, One Free for all pedicures.

Looking for Something Sunny?

Yellow nails are the way to go in summer. Also, anything floral? Perfect for summer too. We recommend this cute P Sun Daisy set to anyone seeking something fun and sweet. The yellow is a great, subtle shade that’ll flatter all skin tones.

If you’re seeking something with a combination of sunny and sultry, you'll love P Hazy, which is inspired by the scorching sun. Its bright red gel and starburst marbling will make you stand out. Also, if you are going for the Baywatch look this summer, these are a great option for your toes.

Try Something Colorful

Want your day to be even brighter? Well, put your shades on because we are recommending bright colors. Neon, even if you want to be crazy. Add some sparkle, too, with P Chemistry, and the beachgoers won't know what hit them.

Feel free to match these with one of the sparkly manicures mentioned above. Go all out — we really feel like you can’t be bright enough.


Everyone’s skin gets a little darker in the summer, and we think white is a great way to accentuate that. It also is just a beautiful, simple, and classic nail that will go with all swimsuits and all occasions.

White will definitely look chic and polished without drawing too much attention. We hope you are ready to match your white nails to the gorgeous white sand beaches we hope you find yourself on this summer.

Summer Not Really Your Thing?

We get it. Just because you don’t love summer should not mean you are left out when it comes time for pedicures. If you really want to be a rebel, you can go with this simple black pedicure, P Basic Pedicure No. 2, or P I'm fine, a sweet little dark blue pedicure that features a small yellow smiley. We hope this smiley brings your spirits up.

What Is ohora?

By now, you may have noticed that all our recommendations have one thing in common — they are semi-cured nails from ohora.

Ohora is incredibly proud of our unique semi-cured gel formula. What does semi-cured mean? If you find yourself wondering what a semi-cured nail gel strip is, get ready to be amazed.

These linked nail strips are partially cured. The semi-cured gel nails are 60% cured when you receive them in the package. You harden the nails using the provided gel lamp. After being treated, as you would in a salon, the nails will harden and become 100% cured.

These nails are strong and will last for up to two weeks — much longer than normal nail polish.

The ability to do your own nails at home means you can try out all of these summer looks because the only nail technician you have to tip is yourself. The semi-cured aspect of the nails is awesome because it leaves the nails still moldable. This means they can be shaped to fit your nail but still become hard enough with just a few trips under the UV light.

In Conclusion

We think any nails you choose will give you a great summer. We hope you spend time at the beach with your friends and family. It is time to make some sandcastles and try something new like surfing or snorkeling.

Sometimes, things like make-up, nails, and a good outfit have a way of bringing one’s confidence up. We know summer can be hard on our self-esteem. It feels like all year, people are preparing to have a “summer body,” or at least talking about it.

We want you to feel good in the skin you are in. No crash diets for us this summer. We hope you eat, drink, and make merry. Feeling good in your skin sometimes requires a little armor, whether that be the perfect swimsuit or some rainbow nails.

So arm yourself with a cute pedicure and a shovel and get down to the beach.


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