Pink Flower Nails: 5 Designs You Can Try This Season

Pink Flower Nails: 5 Designs You Can Try This Season

Pink Flower Nails: 5 Designs You Can Try This Season

Floral nails come into season every year without fail and for a good reason. As winter ends, everyone is excited to get into a season of brighter outfits and even brighter nails. Flower nails are the perfect cute design for this season and will add an accent of summer to every single outfit.

Pink flower nails are extra sweet on the eyes. The color pink is known to have a positive psychological effect on people. The color pink brings to mind the idea of romance, kindness, and nurturing, calm energy.

Who doesn’t want to feel kind and calm? Pink has always been categorized as a “girly” color, but times have changed, and we feel like anyone and everyone can rock pink floral nails.

Probably most known for its romantic aspect, pink is a great color to wear when you are looking for love, whether you are on a first date or a fifth. Aphrodite will be on your side as you traverse the world of romance wearing your heart on your sleeve and pink flowers on your nails.

Let this season surprise you, and let flowers spring from your hands. Now let us take a look at five ideas for nail designs you can try out this season.

Cherry Blossom Nails

Perhaps one of the most iconic pink flowers is cherry blossoms. Most known for exploding across Japan in the springtime, they have a deep cultural significance. People travel from all over the world to see these beautiful trees. They symbolize the cycle of life, as they blast onto the scene for just a matter of weeks before dropping and disappearing until the next year.

The only constant in life is change, and these flowers are proud to proclaim that. If you are seeking nails with a deeper meaning, try N Blossom nails. These nails are inspired by cherry blossoms blowing in the wind and are accented with a lovely pink ombre. Much like the delicate cherry blossoms, these nails are only in season for so long.

We recommend these nails to those on the cusp of a life change. It'll help you embrace change as they come–even when it’s hard. At least now your nails will look beautiful doing it.

Floral French Manicure

Want to hear something crazy? The French manicure was not actually invented in France. Believe it or not, French manicures were created by American beauty supplier Jeff Pink in 1975.

He created these nails when he found out about how dissatisfied Hollywood directors were with having to change an actress's nails for every scene. It took up way too much time and money which hindered production. Even so, everyone felt that the nails had to match the outfits.

The French nail was the perfect solution for this because they can go with literally anything. They are classic and chic. Once the actresses in Hollywood started wearing French nails, the trend was official and has continued for decades as it is still one of the most asked for nail styles to this day.

Pink coined the term “French manicure” after going to fashion week in Paris and having all the models wear French manicures so as to not distract from the shows.

For a floral twist on this classic style, try N Petal nails. They have an elegant light pink petal-shaped nail and a clear base. They are gorgeous and romantic and bring to mind petals blowing in the wind with the sweet scent of springtime.

We recommend these nails for people looking for something romantic and work-appropriate. Maybe even you're heading out on a picnic date soon.

Funky Floral Manicure

Why so serious? What a great question. When it comes to flowers, you should definitely be having fun. Flowers are a gift you give the ones you love, and we think these N Fleur nails are a gift you should give yourself.

This manicure features daisies, pansies, and even more fun, fresh, funky flowers. These nails bloom with all the fun you need in your everyday wear. No outfit can be boring when you are serving so much joy through your nail style.

These nails are a must for anyone ready to go on an adventure. They're also perfect for a bit of quirky flair. If you are heading to a party, these will be the statement piece of the whole affair. Everyone won't be able to help but notice them and compliment you.

Rose Nails

By any other name, would a rose manicure look as sweet? We think so. N Dry Flower nails are a dusky, gorgeous rose color with glamorous gold accents. These nails scream romance and elegance. Roses are known to symbolize love and courage, and we think that is a great thing to carry with you as you go about every day of your life.

In Beauty And The Beast, the rose is central to the story, and the tale is ultimately about loving what’s on the inside and not the outside. We truly believe that. But on the flip side, we love to decorate our outside to match how we feel on the inside.

Projecting who you are through your nails is fun and fulfilling. Be proud of who you are, and go with rose nails if you are feeling ready to mingle your great self with others.

Pink Pansy

What goes better with pink than blue? These P Pansy nails have been designed with bright pink pansies and accented by deep blue to give the most summery look possible. Pansies are most used to symbolize platonic love. So if you are looking for some nails to gift your mother, friend, or coworker — we recommend these.

This set of nails is the most multi-colored, so they are perfect for those not ready to commit to an entirely pink look. The accent of pink here is just enough and ties together the set in general.

We recommend these nails to anyone heading out on a tropical vacation soon. What better style to wear in Hawaii as you surf in a gorgeous wave? Or, if you are a landlubber, enjoy looking at your nails against the white sand beaches.

Don’t Forget Your Toes

Don’t forget to share the floral love with your toes. We often forget to pamper and accent our feet, but now that it’s sandal season, we recommend checking out some fabulous pedicures.

ohora is having a Vacation Deal where if you buy 3 pedicure sets, you'll get a 4th pedicure free. That's enough to last you all summer. What a deal!

For feet in need of a little sunshine, these P Sun Daisy nails are waiting for you. Daisies are known to represent purity and innocence. These nails bring to mind that kind, childlike joy as well as the brightness and excitement of the summer’s sunshine.

Even though they're not pink, these flowers are delicate and delightful. Add a hint of pink with a pair of cute sandals, or choose another color to complement and contrast your look.


Overall, you just can't go wrong with choosing to wear some pink floral nails this season.

Pink is a great go-to color for nails. Pink is iconic culturally as it appears important in films like Pretty In Pink, and the floral trend is too with The Devil Wear’s Prada. We hope we did Miranda Priestly proud with this list of pink floral options.

These nails all are equipped with powerful symbolism. Flowers themselves are a great symbol of hope. They wilt and struggle, but every spring, you can't stop seeing them thrive. Flower power is a yearly phase that we are here for.

You may be ready for love in your rose nails or ready for a change in your cherry blossom nails, but whichever you choose will be a great addition to your life.

Floral nails are a great gift to give others this season. We give our loved ones flowers, so why not give them flower nails? A bouquet of nails and a bouquet of flowers all show the same amount of love and affection to those receiving such delights.

The way we adorn ourselves in our lives represents our internal monologues, and at the very least, they are conversation starters. Life is short. We should express ourselves and understand the journeys of others.

By wearing nails we feel inspired by, we can inspire others. We hope you stop and smell the roses, and we hope when you do you're wearing one of our fabulous salon-quality nail sets.


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