Summer Gel Nails: How To Rock a Fresh Nail Look This Season

Summer Gel Nails: How To Rock a Fresh Nail Look This Season

Summer is here — and luckily, you have time to spice up your nail look just in time for the heatwave. With the trend cycle constantly changing, it can be hard to know which fresh summer nail colors or nail art ideas you should try out. ohora has so many gel nail designs, from different colors like pastels and ombre nails to French tip and or gemstone designs. 

There are tons of options, and the best part is that they're all so darn cute.

You can go with something that matches your favorite swimsuit or choose something that you know will make you stand out. Either way, anything you choose will give you the confidence you need to take this summer by storm.

Read on to find out what kind of nails you should look into for this summer.

But First — When Did Nail Art Become a Thing?

Interestingly enough, nail designs can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt

Archeologists discovered mummies from 5,000 BC with gold or henna on their nails. Imagine how fun it was to be the nail artist that got to do that nail polish.

Something surprising is that a nail set was discovered in 3,200 BC and made of solid gold. These weren’t your average manicures, though — these nails were used for combat. Now, manicures are often used to arm ourselves with confidence more than assist us on the battlefield.

Nail art used to be a symbol of the wealthy. Dating through most of the history, nails were a sign of class. Now, with the accessibility of things like at-home manicures, nail art is something everyone can enjoy. Although, going to the salon on a biweekly basis still definitely is more of a financial commitment than enjoying nails that you DIY.

Many of us can't afford to go to the salon every month. Semi-cured gel nail strips are a terrific approach to saving money to still get that gorgeous, professional look for a fraction of the price.

A lower price might be especially beneficial if you frequently change your style from different shades or looks, like flirty daisy floral designs for chill weekends or awesome holographic top coats for nights out.

Semi-cured gel nails' versatility and affordability allow you to experiment with a wide range of manicure styles. A salon mani-pedi can cost more than three times as much as an at-home semi-cured nail mani-pedi.

As a result, you may take chances and be daring with your nail selections. You may even personalize your nails by adding jewels or other ornaments to give you that sense of self-confidence that really can make a difference in your day.

What Are Some Summer Trends?

Out with spring nails and their pastel nails colors — here come the summer trends that will be all the rage: 

The Classic Red

Known for being an attention-grabbing color, red has always been a staple when it comes to nail trends. This summer, get rid of your nude nails and go for a classic red gel nail manicure. Red mimics the scorching heat while drawing all eyes to you.

Red nails are perfect for someone looking to run like you're on Baywatch on the beach all summer long. Don’t shy away from standing out — red will get you the attention you deserve.

Pair N Addict nails with a night out and a large glass of red wine — you’ll thank us later. Or try N Tint Brick for a red base coat with a subtle glittering effect. It’s a perfect red gel manicure you can apply yourself at home.

Fruit Inspired

Are you looking for some watermelon sugar this summer? Fruit is known to symbolize earthly pleasure, abundance, and temptation. Don’t those sound like three things you would love to be in your weekly planner this summer?

For some fruit-inspired manicures, try this really cute watermelon-inspired set to transform your natural nails with a dazzling combination of green nail, white nail, and red nail colors. Or for nails with summer nail art designs of actual fruit, these pink and super sweet cherry nails. Fruit nails are fun, fresh, and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Nothing is quite as summery as biting into a ripe mango or having some watermelon at a picnic. We recommend these fruit nail design ideas to anyone who is super sweet and down to have a fun time. Having fruit on your nails makes for the perfect talking point, and we think you will give off a great down-to-earth vibe in a set like these.

Ice-Cream Inspired Nails

What is that sound? Oh, we know. It is the ice-cream truck rounding the corner and driving down your street. What says summer more than nice ice cream on a hot day in the sun?

Ice-cream-inspired nails are somehow even sweeter than fruit-inspired nails. They are adventurous, flirty, and even allow you to show off the kind of ice cream you like best.

We recommend nails like this mint chocolate chip set for people headed out on a first date or who plan to spend all day, every day at the beach.

If you are looking for something more subtle we recommend these vanilla bean nails. This set is a classic French manicure with a twist. They have a clear base and the tips are cream-colored with flecks of — you guessed it — vanilla bean-inspired black spots.

Neon Nails

Eye-catching colors are all the rage in summer, like a bright pop of neon. Neon nails have always been all the rage for summer. They are a tried and true staple of sun-lovers everywhere. Neon nails are the perfect things to make you and your tan pop. You can wear them as long nails for a fierce look or have a fabulous, fun short nail set.

Try out these good vibes nails for a matte color that stuns with its cute little writing and simile face drawings. Sometimes, cute summer nails need a little more shine — even neon nails. For a more sparkle try these glitter nails mixed with neon orange. They’re the perfect nails to wear to a festival this summer or any sort of outdoor concert and they really make your new tan skin tone pop.

Who needs glow sticks when you can use your nails to light up the hot summer nights?

Pro-Tip: Don’t Forget Your Feet!

Arriving at the beach, kicking off your shoes, and realizing with dread that your toes really do not look their finest is one of the worst feelings in the world. 

It's sandal, flip-flop, and open-toed shoe season, so don't forget to give your feet the attention they certainly need. 

Before applying your nails, we recommend giving yourself a foot massage or using a scrub to cleanse and exfoliate your feet and heels. The soles of our feet are often forgotten, but you are really going to need to take care of them this summer especially if you plan on dancing the night away every night!

Check out some of our cutest pedicures like this simple white set. Feel free to go with a simple pedicure, a stand-out polka dot toe nail, or match your feet to your manicure. You really can not go wrong. All pedicures will add to your elegance and make you feel more confident stepping out into the world with your feet bare.

Our feet are one of the most vital parts of our bodies, but we frequently neglect to look after them. No one wants to arrive at an event or at the beach and realize that they should have gotten a pedicure that week. Luckily, you have options like doing your own at-home gel nails. At ohora, the gel lamp is even portable. So if you have it in your bag, you can do your own pedicure on the go anytime you need to!

Kick off your shoes and give yourself a treat with one of these fantastic pedicures.


All in all, any pedicure choice you make this summer will be the right one for you. Whether it’s hot pink nails, yellow nails, or rainbow nails, the best nail art is what makes you feel confident and happy. It can even be the perfect avenue for expressing the creative or funky side of your personality.

This means no answer is a wrong answer. If fruit nails call to you or neon nails are screaming your name — give them a try. The great thing about these DIY nails is you can always switch them up and change your look all summer long.

Especially because with ohora you can do your own nails at home for way cheaper than salon prices. Think about it: you don’t have to pay for gas to the salon, you don’t have to tip anyone, and you can buy large sets of nails online for a fraction of the cost of an in-salon manicure would be. Think about it.

Whatever nails you choose: we hope this is a summer for the books! Now go put on some ice-cream nails and buy a pint. We hope you enjoy!


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