Gel Lamp for Nails: A Beginner's Guide

Gel Lamp for Nails: A Beginner's Guide

Gel Lamp for Nails: A Beginner's Guide

There's nothing like being able to do your nails yourself. In the past, doing your nails at home meant one thing and one thing only: regular nail polish. There were base coats, topcoats, messy remover, and long drying times (even when they said quick-drying).

Eventually, that process evolved into press-on nails, but they didn’t have the same satisfying feeling of going to the nail salon or getting a gel manicure.

ohora has found the perfect way to get our own gel nails done from home. A lot of us are avoiding the salon these days. Crowded spaces where we are close together definitely feel dangerous (or at the very least, weird) after two-ish years of quite a bit of isolation.

ohora’s solution? Semi-cured nail kits. These nails are stylish, fun, and easy to use. They come 60% cured, so you simply apply the gel nail strips to your nails and mold them to fit your nail shape. Up next: Drum roll, please for the main event — you finish curing your nails with the Gel Lamp.

It’s all the technology of a salon curing lamp that uses ultraviolet (UV) or LED lights, with the added joy of being portable. This UV LED nail lamp will harden your nails and add shine. Your nails will be salon-quality and last up to two weeks.

How Do We Use the ohora Gel Lamp?

What a great question. The ohora gel nail lamp is intuitive and easy to use. Still, it can be daunting to use a new product for the first time. We’ll go step-by-step and show you how to use your very own gel lamp like a pro.

Set Up the Lamp

Your UV nail lamp should arrive with a USB cable enclosed. Plug the USB cable into the body of the lamp. Then, you can plug the cable into any device with a USB adaptor to power the device anywhere you go.

A USB-abled device could be a laptop — or if you have an adaptor, you can plug it into that and then into any regular plug.

Set a Curing Time

To turn on the lamp, you press the button on the lamp’s body one time. This will power the light for 45 seconds. This setting is the standard time that should work for most nails.

To get the light to turn on for 60 seconds, you have to hold down the button for two seconds. This setting is ideal for thicker designs, designs that include gems, or other 3D nail art that will need some extra work to cement.

Cure Your Nails

Now it is time for your LED gel lamp to do its job. Curing time will vary with each design, but most nail strips will need to be cured one to three times under the lamp’s light.

Feel free to cure your nails a couple of extra times if you are working with a thicker gel or with nail gems.

Check Out Your Work

Now it is time to make sure you have cured your nails enough. The completely cured gel should be totally hardened. Fully curing your nails makes them shinier and more durable.

Once your nails are checked and fully cured, pat yourself on the back. In just four easy steps, you have used the ohora gel lamp to give yourself a salon-level manicure.

What Is the Lamp “Curing,” Exactly?

The gel that you apply to your nails is semi-cured. A semi-cured nail gel strip is made of gel nail polish that has been cured but only partially. ohora’s semi-cured gel nails are 60% cured. You receive them at 60%. After you use a UV lamp, your nails will harden and become 100% cured.

The term “curing” is used when a lamp is used to lock in the gel and solidify the polish. This part of the process is why they are so much more durable than other nail options you can find in your salon or online.

These nails are strong and will last for up to two weeks — way longer than regular nail polish. And you didn’t even have to leave your house to get it.

The ability to get this quality of gel nail at home is remarkable and sets us apart from the competition. The semi-cured aspect of the nails is perfect because it’s still moldable. So, it can be perfectly shaped to fit your nail but hard enough to be solidified with just a few trips under the UV light.

You can tell your nails are cured if you test them and receive no unsightly smudges.

Professionals should beware: As Ratatouille said best, anyone can cook. Or, well, apply gel nails. You get it.

What Do I Do Before I Use the Lamp?

Okay, so, you’re sold on the lamp. Now you’re wondering, “Okay, but what do I do before I even use the lamp?” It’s actually a pretty straightforward process, much like how using the gel lamp is easy and user-friendly.

Feel free to follow the tutorial steps below to apply your gel manicure:

Acquire the Strips

Find the strips that suit your mood. ohora has tons of best seller options available to suit your style.

Have fun with your options and choose what sparks your fancy. There are options ranging from French manicures to full-on gem designs, so there is something for everyone.

Buy your favorite sets, and soon, they will be at your doorstep, ready for you to take the next step.

Apply to Your Nails

Open the package and find the correct strip size for each nail. They are marked to show where to place the strips on your fingernails for the best fit. This helps with the application and makes the process smooth.

Once the nails are in place, press the strip onto your nail and smooth them out around the cuticle area. Try to apply pressure evenly to the nails.

Remove Any Excess

You can use the ohora nail file to remove any excess, or you can simply just take off the additional strip with your fingertips. You can also use nail clippers or rub your nail on a rough surface. It's critical to smooth down the edges of your nails.

You Know the Next Step

Now, we’re back where we started! You can follow the steps to set up and use your lamp on your new, perfectly applied gel manicure.

Why Would I Do This Myself Instead of at a Salon?

Like semi-cured gel nails, salon gel nails must be cured under a UV light or LED light to harden. In general, gel nails are durable and long-lasting. At-home, semi-cured gel nails last up to two weeks. With salon-style gel nails you’ll get about the same wear time — two weeks.

This may make you wonder — why would I not just go to a salon? Well, there are quite a few reasons why you might find that doing it yourself at home is the best option.

The Cost

Ultimately, the cost-efficiency of investing in a gel lamp and doing your nails at home may be a good reason not to go to the salon. Who doesn’t love saving some money?

Salon manicures may cost anywhere from $35 to $100, and that's not including the 20% tip. Semi-cured manicure gels are substantially less expensive, with most nail sets costing between $10 and $20.

Finally, the formula and endurance of gel nails at the salon and at home are extremely comparable. The biggest distinction is the cost and the convenience of being in your own house rather than a salon.

Honestly, with the gas prices these days, staying at home seems better now than ever.

The Pandemic

For most of us, a lot has changed in the last several years. Semi-cured gel nail strips are the ideal alternative for doing your own nails at home if you prefer not to be in public these days or can't be in public due to being immunocompromised or having someone in your family or friends who are.

If you're worried about catching COVID, doing your nails yourself or arranging a nail-related event might be a pleasant solution. Invite your pals over for a manicure party and help each other transform their nails. This is a pleasant and soothing activity that may be done outside or inside. It's a great, safe way to mingle while also getting lovely manicures.

The Flexibility

One of the great things about having a portable gel lamp is that you can bring it with you anywhere. You can take the lamp on vacation, to your friend's house, or you can host a night in with your besties, and everyone can do their nails.

Spa days with friends are always lovely (and sometimes much-needed). Now, you can take a spa day from home to a new level with the ability to have salon-quality nails done. You can be your own manicurist or have your friends over. Help each other choose the best nail colors and designs.

Having a moment of fun is so important, and we hope our nails can be used to bring people together in the pursuit of self-confidence and joy.

Can This Lamp Work With Other Brands?

The thing about ohora’s LED UV gel lamp is that it works with all gel nails. We hope you use ours, of course. Still, when buying a lamp, you definitely want to make sure you are making a worthwhile investment.

With this lamp, you are because it’s one you can use to cure gel nails of any brand throughout your life. If you and your roommates are addicted to different nail brands, you can both go in on this lamp together. The best UV LED light is one that can adapt to your needs.

In Conclusion

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to use the gel lamp, how it works, and why owning one is an excellent alternative to going to a salon.

With just four simple steps, you can professionally cure your nails yourself at home. Then, with four more steps, you can run yourself through the entire process of applying the semi-cured nail gels.

The way ohora products work is exciting and innovative. This gel lamp has tons of five-star reviews. Check out our gel lamp and see the glowing reviews from customers who have gotten great use out of this product.

You now have the ability to take your gel lamp with you wherever you go. Are you going on vacation? It’s the perfect time for a relaxing nail session: add some sunscreen, and you could be tanning at the same time.

Are you going to a wedding? Make sure your nails match with your friends. Are you going to outer space? Well, we’re not sure if you’re allowed to bring this lamp out of the atmosphere, but if you could, your nails would look like a nail artist did them for you in space.

The option of doing your nails at home vs. going to a salon is groundbreaking. You can avoid the higher costs and risk of covid that come with regular salon visits.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to switch to boring nails. At ohora, you can choose from any of amazing nail selections. Share them with your friends and family, or keep them for yourself (we won’t tell).



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