Pro Washable Nail File

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Pro Washable Soft File

front - 400 grit back - 400 grit

A two-sided washable file with a fine grit made to remove and refine excess nail strip.

Ergonomic half-moon design is perfect for both beginner and expert use. Semi-flexible core provides excellent grip and control.


Product Benefits

1. High Quality - made of a high-quality material that is washable, durable, and hygienic.
2. Ergonomic - unique half-moon design and semi-flexible core provides excellent grip and control.
3. Perfect Finish - easily smooth away snags, jaggedness, roughness, ridges, and any other textural flaws.
4. Multiple Types - comes in 4 different grits - ranging from fine to rough - to suit your every nail need.

1) PET sandpaper, EVA, PS
2) PET sandpaper, EVA, PS
3) PET sandpaper, EVA, PS
4) EVA, PS

Using the Pro Washable Nail Files

Hold the file loosely between your thumb and index finger for better control.

Do not file back and forth - file in one direction to minimize nail damage.

Use files in order from low to high grit number. A lower number indicates a rougher grit, while a higher number indicates a finer grit.

Type 1. Nail File (front - 180 grit | back - 220 grit)
β€’ Use the nail file in one direction to shape and adjust nail length.

Type 2. Side File (front - 400 grit | back - 400 grit)
β€’ Use the side file to smooth away hangnails and calluses on the sides of your nails.

Type 3. Soft File (front - 400 grit | back - 400 grit)
β€’ Use the soft file to remove excess nail strip before curing, and to finish the free edge after curing.

Type 4. Buffer and Shiner (front - 600 grit | back - 4000 grit)
β€’ Use the buffer (front - 600 grit) to smooth away ridges and grooves on the surface of your nail.
β€’ Use the shiner (back - 4000 grit) to add a healthy shine to the surface of your nail.
β€» We do not recommend that you buff or shine your nails prior to nail strip application.

Cleaning and Storage
β€’ Gently rinse files under running water after every use.
β€’ Wipe off water and store clean files in a cool, dark place.

Pro Washable Nail File