Easy Peel Remover


A non-drying hypoallergenic* solution specifically formulated to remove nail strips. contains active ingredients that are tough on gel, but gentle on your nails.

Use to quickly and easily remove your nail strips and reveal nails that are clean and moist.

Includes dropper cap for hygienic and mess-free application.

*passed skin allergen testing


Product Benefits

1. Gentle yet Effective - non-drying solution quickly removes gel strips without damaging your nails.
2. Convenient - hygienic dropper allows you to easily apply product to nail. 
3. Moisturizing - delivers nourishing ingredients to your nail that leave it soothed and moist.

propylene carbonate, purified water, ethanol, hydrolyzed collagen, panthenol, calcium pantothenate, biotin, copper tripeptide-1, benzyl salicylate, fragrance, linalool, limonene

Using the Easy Peel Remover 

Step 1. Remove Packaging Seal
β€’ Remove plastic packaging seal off top of bottle.
β€’ Grab and lift cap up to remove.

Step 2. Attach Dropper to Bottle 
β€’ Replace cap with enclosed dropper. 
β€’ Press dropper down into bottle opening until it clicks. This means that the bottle is locked and spill-proof.
β€’ Leave dropper in bottle for remainder of use.
β€» Keep bottle completely sealed to avoid deactivating ingredients.

Step 3. Remove Nail Strips
β€’ Drip 1 - 2 drops of remover on the edge of your nail.
β€’ Wait 2- 3 seconds for the nail strip to completely absorb remover.
β€’ Soak a wooden manicure stick with remover.
β€’ Push stick gently against the edge of your nail strip. Nudge strip in the direction of your cuticle to minimize damage to your nail.
β€’ Keep pushing until entire nail strip lifts up and detaches from your nail. 
β€» Wait for nail strip to absorb the remover completely. This means that the remover should soak through underneath the strip. Attempting to remove a strip that is insufficiently soaked with remover could result in tearing or other damage to your natural nail.

Easy Peel Remover