Prep Pad

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Prep Pad

A pad used to prepare your nails for gel strip application. Made of a plush fabric that is non-drying and lint-free.

Saturated in a gentle solution that will remove sweat, oil, and any other moisture present on the surface of your nail.

Each box contains 50 pads. Each pad is packaged in a hygienic single-use pouch that is great for on-the-go.

1. High Quality Fabric - made of a plush fabric that is non-sticky and residue-free.
2. Efficient - each pad contains enough drying solution to be used on all 10 fingers or toes. 
3. Easy to Use - comes in hygienic single-use packaging that is great for on-the-go.

isopropyl alcohol, purified water

Applying Ohora Pro Glossy Top Gel 

Step 1. Apply Top Gel 
• Apply Top Gel on top of cured nail strips. 
※ Use a thin coat and brush in careful strokes to avoid getting gel on surrounding skin.

Step 2. Cure Top Gel 
• Cure gel 2 - 3 times under the Ohora Gel Lamp. 

Application Tips

1. For Nail Gems
• Do not apply Top Gel on top of nail gems. Apply only to surrounding areas.
※ Applying Top Gel directly to gems will cause them to lose their luster and sparkle. 
2. For Frame Jewels
• Apply Top Gel on top of frame jewels.
※ This will better adhere the frame jewels to your nail. 
3. For Pearl Decals
• Apply Top Gel all over pearl decals.
※ This will increase the luminosity and sheen of the pearls. 

Prep Pad