N Financier


A cute and cozy mani in the season's trendiest color. Made of cocoa brown and cream gel with a sweet gingham pattern.

30 Nail strips (16 basics & 14 accents) in 15 different sizes
2 Prep Pads & 1 Nail File & 1 Wooden Stick

*The instruction card may not be included in some product packages. To access detailed instructions on how to apply ohora semi-cured gel nails, simply scan the QR code located on the side of the package.

Easy Application & Removal
Safe Cosmetic-Grade Formula
Fits on Any Size Nail
Unique C-Curve Design
Manufactured with Care

Scroll down and check the how-to steps.
For more details, click here to learn other steps. Recommended to adhere product firmly and remove it within 20 days for safe use

N Financier

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How To Apply

Applying Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips

01. Remove Oil & Moisture

01. Remove Oil & Moisture

Wash your hands thoroughly.

Use the prep pad to wipe away oil, water,

and any other moisture.

Sweat, oils, creams, and any other moisture present

on your natural nails will reduce nail strip adhesion. 

02. Apply Nail Strips

02. Apply Nail Strips

Select the strip that best fits the size of

your nail and peel off transparent film sheet.

Apply strip to nail, leaving a slight space

between the strip and cuticle.

03. Trim Nail Strips

03. Trim Nail Strips

Fold and remove excess material

over the tip using a nail clipper. Then use

the attached file to smooth out your nail. 

File in one direction to minimize scratch on nail strips. 

04. Cure Nail Strips

04. Cure Nail Strips

Cure strips 1-3 times under the ohora Gel Lamp.

(Timer can be set for 45 or 60 seconds)

Check if your strips have hardened completely.

Use nail file to smooth out edge.

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