White French Nails - 5 Ideas For 2022

White French Nails - 5 Ideas For 2022

White french nails

Beauty trends may come and go, but a sophisticated white french nail is timeless.

You may not know that the french manicure wasn’t actually invented in France — crazy twist. It was actually created by American beauty supplier Jeff Pink in 1975. The nails were created out of a need for directors in Hollywood to have a nail color or design that would go with absolutely everything so they didn’t have to change women’s nails every time they changed outfits.

Once the actresses in Hollywood were wearing french nails, it was only a matter of time before women across the globe were trying french manicures.

Pink brought the french manicure with him to Paris, where models started using it in fashion shows. When Pink returned to the states he coined the term, “french manicure.” In recent decades, the french manicure has become synonymous with being classy and professional.

People often feel confident wearing french manicures to work because they are elegant and clean. They create a more natural look in the neatest and chicest way.

These days we don’t always need french manicures to suit every outfit. However, we can try out new, fresh twists on the timeless classic.

Here are some ideas for how you can glam up your white french nails for 2022.

Clear French Nails

Nude no more. This style has the classic white french tip, but with a smaller, clear base. N Pure White nails are a dynamic twist on the well-beloved classic. These extra-long white tips will create length in your fingers, adding to the elegance of this design.

We recommend trying out clear nails and getting your self-love on. Go on a picnic with yourself. Hit up the bookstore. We hope that the clarity provided by the clear nails translates into something even more transformative for your summer season.

Bejweled French Nails

This is much like the clear nail trend, but with some added bling. It is time to treat yourself like royalty and try out N Queen nails. With a clear base, white tips, and rhinestone accents these nails make a bold, yet sophisticated statement.

These nails will give you the confidence you need to go wear that new outfit, speak up in that meeting, or dance the night away like nobody is watching.

Sparkly French Nails

Get your sparkle on. Nothing in the world seems as dim when you have glitter in your life. With N Vanilla Bean nails, you get a clear base with the classic white tips and a sparkle that brings to mind a glitzy night out. Adding some brightness to your nails is always fun and a great conversation starter you can lean on this summer.

We recommend wearing these on vacation with your girlfriends or when you’re out singing some very loud “Dancing Queen” karaoke.

Pop of Color French Nails

Adding a splash of tasteful color to traditionally white and beige french nails is the perfect way to freshen up your look this summer. The N Sporty is perfect because of its fun, nautical design. The crisp white and blue accent lines bring to mind sunbathing and a day spent out on someone’s boat.

A bit of color can be just the thing to make you stand out. We recommend wearing these…sailing of course. If you can’t find a boat, get to a beach or a lake to enjoy some sun, sand, and fun.

Gold Accented French Nails

This summer you should be all about luxury and what brings to mind luxury more than the metal of the stars: gold. If classic and chic describes the look you are going for this summer, we recommend N Slyph. This nail is an elegant update to the classic white french manicure with an asymmetrical gold accent.

Part of our new Wedding Collection, N Slyph is an elevated take on the French manicure perfect for special occasions and casual Fridays alike. Understated in the most classy way possible, this look is primed for romance.

We recommend trying these gold-accented French nails this summer on a date night, whether it be a fancy dinner or a casual trip to the movies — feel like a million bucks wherever you are.

What Is Semi-Cured?

Something Jeff Pink did not anticipate in the 1970s was how nail technology would evolve. Now, people all over the world have the privilege of doing their own nails at home, with regular nail polish, or with nail gel kits. This innovation is exciting and allows people to have so much more freedom when it comes to their beauty routine.

Specifically, semi-cured gel nail strips. This technology is unprecedented and really helps when you don’t have the time or money to go to the nail salon to try the latest trends.

You may ask, what do we mean by “semi-cured”? In a traditional salon setting, the process of “curing” is where you put your nails under an LED or UV light to harden and seal the color of your nails. It turns out that with the right supplies you can cure your nails right at home. This process is what sets your nails and makes them durable and long-lasting.

With ohora, you can order gel nail strips online that are already 60% cured and use a gel lamp to finish up the process.

A semi-cured nail gel strip comes as a soft strip you can attach to your nails. It is moldable and squishy for easy application (because it is 60% cured). After finishing the nail cure under the lamp, your nail gel will harden to become 100% cured. They are very durable and can last for up to two weeks.

What You’ll Need

Before you get started with these new white french nail looks, you’ll need to make sure you and your bathroom cabinets are properly stocked and ready to rumble. If you don’t have all the supplies: don’t fret. Some things like hand lotion are not necessarily required, but they do make for a more pleasant experience.

Grab your nail strips along with prep pads, a wood sitck, and a nail file. Don’t worry — all of these come with your ohora nail strips in the same package, so your luxury experience can be as easy as possible. You’ll also need your gel lamp to add the finishing touches to your long-lasting, salon-quality manicure.

How to Apply

The real first step: Get ready to enjoy an at-home nail salon experience. The best salon experiences are always with friends, so invite a few friends over and make it a group activity. Or if you need some personal time, just relax and do it by yourself.

We recommend putting on your favorite summer playlist, grabbing a cold drink, and getting your nails on.

1. Clean Your Nails and Hands

Clean your hands with soap and use a cotton round with nail polish remover for your nails. Make sure to any previous polish off so you can apply your new nail gels evenly. Nail hygiene is very important, so be sure to clean under your nails, as well as everywhere else.

2. Find the Right Nail Size for Your Nail

Your ohora nail strips should be marked to show you which side goes closer to the nail bed, and which side should be facing the end of your fingertip. Take your time and make sure you are applying each nail correctly. No need to rush! Summer will be with us for months.

3. Apply the Gel Nail Strip

This is the most exciting step. Now that you’ve done the prep work, apply each nail gel one at a time. These strips are so flexible that they can mold to any nail.

4. Use Even Pressure

You can do this with your hands or you can use the supplied tools to smooth out the gels on your nails. This makes sure they are fitted perfectly to your nail shape.

5. Cure With the UV Lamp

Here comes our favorite part — it’s time to feel like a professional. Use the gel lamp one to three times to get your desired results. If you are using bejeweled nail gels, be warned that you may have to cure these more than your other nails to make sure everything stays in place.


It’s never a bad time to break from tradition. While the classic white french manicure has stood the test of time for a reason, it’s fun to try out new looks and experiment with new twists on classic styles.

Semi-cured nails are a great way to explore different styles of nails because they don’t require as much of a time and money commitment as weekly trips to the salon.

With early 2000s style coming back into fashion, the french manicure is more timely than ever. However, this generation seems to love a fresh twist on old favorites, which has resulted in these trendy, modern white french nail variations from ohora.

These nails have been popular for so long for a reason. Not just because they go with everything, but because they are simply flattering. They make your nails look healthier and longer with their gorgeous color and shape.

The perfect nails are waiting for you. White french nails are a great choice for summer, and you can choose from so many options to suit your style and your life.

Now, go forth and choose the right white french manicure for you!


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