French Tip Gel Nails for Brides: The Must-Have Nail Designs

French Tip Gel Nails for Brides: The Must-Have Nail Designs

Wedding season has come around once again, and ohora is here with all the easy must-have gel nails a bride could want. Read on for a detailed list of French manicures and how to DIY your manicure this wedding season. There’s no better way to show off your ring than with a fresh set of gorgeous nails.

What Is a Classic French Tip?

The classic French tip is quite well known in the nail world. You can achieve this elegant look with any kind of manicure method, whether it’s a gel manicure, acrylic nails, press-ons, or dip powder. (Although, we have to admit we’re partial to DIY gels.)

This sleek look involves sheer pink undertones or a base coat so you can’t see through to the nail bed. That beautiful, light pink base is then accented with white polish tips. It’s like your natural nail, just a little more polished. French tips can have nail shape or length, and this mani is locked in with a clear topcoat that gives the white tip a classy shine.

Believe it or not, the French manicure we know today did not originate in France. The term “French Manicure” was actually coined by Orly CEO Jeff Pink in late 1978. Its origins were completely American despite the title and were named for the French je ne sais quoi this style was trying to emulate.

Pink designed the first-ever DIY French manicure nail kit for Hollywood actresses so that their nails would match every costume change they might encounter while on set. It capitalized on simple nail art that could be easily learned and replicated by beginners and professionals alike. The French manicure has now become a staple of elegant wedding fashion.

Here Comes the Mani

With ever-changing nail art trends, this French tip manicure has evolved into a plethora of designs and fun spinoffs that work with natural nails, gel nail polish, acrylic nails, and more.

Keep scrolling to find a carefully selected list of fun and fresh French manicures for any bride this season.

N Adelio

This look is a slightly enhanced classic French nail tip. N Adelio plays on a warm beige color that is accented by gold detailing. The sprinkling of fully covered nails only adds to the effect that the upgraded French tip has in this stunningly glam set for every bride.

N Queen

N Queen is a royal upgrade to a classic French tip. Featuring bold white gel tips and stunning rhinestone accents, N Queen will leave you feeling like the regal bride you are. This set is perfect for purists who love the classic nail colors but want something a little more modern for their special day.

N Sylph

This is the perfect set for a modern-minded bride who loves the simplicity of the classics. N Sylph is an elegant take on the French tip manicure, featuring the asymmetric lining of bold white tips and accents of thinly lined gold that separate the stark white color from the sheer pink gel base. This is a stunning nail look for a stunning bride.

N To You

Who says that a gel French tip can’t be bright and bold? If you’re looking for a pop of color against the white background of your lovely, flowing gown, N To You might be the perfect sartorial statement.

Colored French tip nail art designs are all the rage. This set switches up the classic French manicure to emphasize the special love you’re sharing on your big day by opting for a unique heart-shaped design.

N Black Suit

If you have a rebellious streak, then N Black Suit might just be perfect for you. It’s classic in all the ways that matter while remaining just the right amount of exciting with its brazen black gel tips.

If a black dress is a step too far for you on your big day, let N Black Suit do all the rebelling for you — or go for an all-black ‘fit and really let these nails accent your gorgeous choice.

N Monroe

In a fun and flirty twist on your big day, why not swap out the classic white tips for pastel pink? N Monroe is the perfect pink nail for those wanting something subtle to match the special magic of your wedding day.

N Sporty

In another classic spin, N Sporty accents thick white tips with a rich blue lining. If you’re wanting an unconventional color wheel at your disposal this wedding season, go for blue and go for N Sporty.

N Pure White

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, I want classic French tips with way more white than a natural nail, then N Pure White is waiting for you. This set emphasizes the well-known white tip by extending it over the nail bed and leaving only a small cut out of a natural nail. It’s like an inverse French mani, and we think it’s incredible.

N Vanilla Bean

This manicure is like opening a carton of homemade ice cream every time you look down. With N Vanilla Bean, you can sport a classic French manicure accented with speckles of black vanilla bean that litter the white tips. It’s another great option for the traditional brides that want a fun spin on a classic.

N Petal

In a tribute to your sweetheart, don N Petal. It’s a sweet set designed to resemble a heart on every fingertip, sporting a much softer pink than your typical French mani. It’s perfect for a more casual pop of color without distracting from the rest of your elegant ensemble.

How to DIY Your Way Down the Aisle

Here at ohora, we know choosing the right style is only half the battle. Once you get everything you need shipped straight to your door, what then?

We’ve got an easy step-by-step tutorial for you below to help you make your way through your very first at-home gel-nail experience. Whether you’re a beginner manicurist or a veteran just looking for a refresher, let’s dive in on how to get your natural nails looking elegant and elevated for your wedding day. (Spoiler alert: A DIY mani has never been easier.)

Our Step-by-Step Mani How-To

First things first: make sure you have all the supplies you'll need to complete the process. Make sure you have your nail prep pads, a wooden stick for shaping, and the nail file that comes with your fun new nail sets as well as a UV light — that’s vital to fully curing your nails. If you have these alongside your 60% cured, extremely moldable nail strips, then let's get started.

Using those prep pads, rub away any lingering residue on your nail plates and prepare your nails for the gel you’re about to use. Prep pads make sure your new nail art goes on fresh, staying on longer and stronger than they would without ‘em. Once you’re all prepped and ready, you can fit your gel strips to each fingertip and smooth them into place, pushing back cuticles along the edges of your nails to ensure the gel is flat and flush to your fingertip. These ohora strips are flexible and can mold to any nail.

With each nail strip in place, clip away any excess gel over the ends of your nails. Then, you can fully cure them from chipping by making use of the handy-dandy UV light. Once fully cured, simply file any rough edges down, and bam — you’ve got the nails of your dreams in just a few short steps.

Manicure or pedicure, it’s yours.

Extras and Sides

We can also provide you with a few other added goodies that aren’t required for a finished nail look but absolutely bump up the final result a couple of notches. This is for the best of the best.

If you want a sleek and elegant shine that lasts as long as you’ve got nails to show, try out the Pro Glossy Top Gel to take your basic manicure to the next level of polish and sheen. Simply add it like you would any gel polish and cure it under UV light. It’s that easy.

Perhaps you’re someone who wants to best possible base for your gel. If that’s the case, then go for our Pro Nail Primer. This will be sure to prep your nails far beyond the basics and keep your set of gel intact for the long haul, guaranteed.

At the end of your nail’s stay, instead of going for the taxation of acetone, a lengthy soak-off, or the futile effort of nail polish remover when it’s time for a reset, try our revolutionary Easy Peel Remover. A few quick and easy drops of this formula on your gel set and you’ll find removing a lingering gel strip more simple than in a nail salon.

Make use of these and much more to help you simplify your nail journey like never before.

Make Your Nails the Easy Part of Wedding Season

If you’re feeling excited (or overwhelmed) about all the choices you have to make this wedding season, we’re right there with you. We hope to make part of the decision-making a little easier for you. Getting that fresh set of nails you’ve always wanted is easy and achievable from the comfort of your own home.

Especially if you’re a “bride” this wedding season, let this small part of such a big day be the easy part with ohora’s help. We can’t wait to help you on your way down the aisle.


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