The Cutest Spring Nail Designs for 2022: Semi-Cured Gel Nail Edition

The Cutest Spring Nail Designs for 2022: Semi-Cured Gel Nail Edition

The Cutest Spring Nail Designs for 2022: Semi-Cured Gel Nail Edition

Along with the month of May and the cheerfulness of spring comes the resurgence of all things pastel and dainty. Besides blooming daisies, May also shepherds in iconic fashion trends.

This is the time of year to pull out your fun pastel pieces, cute animal logos, and lace detailing.

Here at ohora, we have a basket full of semi-cured designs to satisfy the springtime flowers inside of you.

Keep scrolling to discover what could be your newest pop of color this rejuvenating season.

ohora’s Vision for At-Home Nails

It’s no secret that ohora brings extraordinary things to the table. Our vision for at-home luxuries goes much deeper than that. At the heart of ohora, we are eager to infuse meaningful connections and self-care into each and every product we manufacture.

We are here to revolutionize the at-home mani-pedi, ushering in a whole new era of “Thanks, I did it myself.” It’s not just about the nails themselves. We are focused on innovation and constantly creating something fresh and exciting.

We love curating experiences, and we believe that our at-home semi-cured nails kits — whether for manicures or pedicures — create the perfect space for reflection and a quiet moment. Whether you’re doing it alone or with friends, caring for your nails is a great way to take some time to check in with yourself and check-in with others.

Interpersonal connections are the building blocks of society as well as individual happiness levels. A 2018 research study revealed that non-romantic touch decreased stress levels in participants. Activities like hugs and platonic touch are more powerful than we might first assume.

So, reach out and take someone by the hand… and treat them to a manicure.

Why Are Semi-Cured Gel Nails?

In the big wide world of all things nails, the options can seem endless. You might be torn between all the choices for cheap drugstore stick-on nails or the pricey visits to the nail salon for an expensive set of plastic feeling acrylics.

Maybe you’ve tried it all, and nothing seems to combine the comfortable feeling of natural nails with the fun designs that don’t chip off after a few days. Well, search no more.

Let’s discuss the innovative semi-cured gel nail sets that allow you to have a salon-quality glimmer from the comfort of your own home.

Semi-cured nails are moldable strips that settle to the size and shape of your nails. Semi-cured nails are 60% cured, so they are more flexible than other options. The strips fully adapt to your nails. Since each strip is stretchable, it can mold to a wide range of differently-sized nails. With one to three sessions with the high-tech ohora gel lamp, your new look can last as long as the salon counterparts.

Easier now than ever before, you can get the fully realized manicure of your dreams for an affordable price right at home. Not to mention gel is a much healthier alternative for your nails, so try out the semi-cured gel nails we’ve worked hard to bring you.

Below you’ll find a great place to start with all of the spring designs we believe are perfect for this season and the arrival of warmer weather. Take a look for yourself and maybe just find the right set for you!

Star Sets this Season

N Roaring Tangerine

In quite possibly one of the cutest semi-cured sets you’ll find, N Roaring Tangerine combines a multitude of pastels and festive colors to create an eclectic collection of spring happiness.

Muted blues and greens pair exquisitely with the cool creams and beiges. They join together to create the sweetest of tiger faces and a barrage of teensy tangerines littering the gel. For anyone leaning towards a wackier way to express their cute side, this is the nail design for you.

N Meow

N Meow is a universal pink display that works for all occasions but especially for the start of the Spring season. With passionate pinks and blushing reds for the base gel, the contrasting hearts, kitty paws, and “meows” give all the sweet pastel aura you need. You’ll be looking pretty in pink with this nail set as your accessory.

N Cotton Cloud

What a vision of whimsical blues you will be with this design cured to your nails. You’ll rock the dusty deeps and pastel blues, accented by the fluffy clouds that float on top. The lopsided smiley face also makes for a fun pop. With the slightly ombre look that sweeps its gradient across the entire set, the N Cotton Cloud manicure will let you live your Cottagecore dreams.

N Tiger Jelly

If the name of this set isn’t enough to sell you on it, then the design surely will. In exactly the fashion you’d imagine, N Tiger Jelly has a translucent sort of finish that gives the impression of tiger prints swimming in a glittery jelly-like film.

The cutest of little tiger faces smiling up would make anyone wonder what there ever was to fear, and the pairing of the pale pinks and ombre blue is a unique match to the striped and speckled design. And don’t even get us started on the clouds!

N Caramel Bear

Back with another teensy face to show off on a clear contrasting background, this teddy bear set is the one for those wanting to rock the odd browns and golds this month. N Caramel Bear mixes a delectable golden swirl into the chocolate base so well you could just eat it right up.

And the matching caramel heart design placed in the middle of the set can transition to any time of the year. Neutral nudes work well for the holiday season and day-to-day looks.

N Cream Tiger

This gel design is another winner for the monochrome matches of the world. The N Cream Tiger is awash with creams, whites, and grays, all setting the backdrop for another of our tigers to shine. A white tiger face, big cat spotted print, and a little paw print all blend seamlessly into the icy base and make for a sleek, satisfying look to show off.

N Egg & Fry

Who knew eggs with faces could be so trendy? We did! So we created N Egg & Fry to satisfy the neutral lovers of the world. This mix of peachy tan and creamy white offers a most excellent background for the twin fried eggs that sizzle on your thumb and pinky.

The polka dot design that splits the middle is another wonderful accent for such a fun design.

N Newtro no.4

N Newtro no.4 puts a fresh spin on a classic French tip style. Let your whimsical side shine with this mix of bovine beauty and splashes of color that make for a splashy, amazing finished look.

Cow print is more popular than ever, so why shouldn’t it be on your nails too? And the pastel accents make for the perfect pairing. Coordinate your clothing with the blue and yellow touches for a head-to-toe finish.

N Ice Age

Polar bears might be the last thing on your mind as the frost starts to thaw, but allow us to change that by introducing the dreamy blues of N Ice Age nails.

Sporting these spectacular polka dots that oh-so cleverly hide the cutest of blue bears on the thumb will let you take your springtime vibe to the next level. This is a true one-of-a-kind take on the colorful holiday.

N Pippi

This eccentric design is ready for anyone wanting to make a statement this season. With a mismatch of cow print and ombre pinks and yellows, the N Pippi set serves up a tray of pink lemonade to the farmyard.

Sporting some of the season's most popular colors, these nails were made for those looking for a challenge in matching up the common with the uncommon. It will surely make for quite the conversation starter when you step out in the sunshine.

N Cheddar

Introducing N Cheddar Nails. This cheesy little design sports the cutest of cats dressed in an array of mocha browns and creamy whites. These nails are perfect for those who want something not quite so pastel.

The adorable, quaint kitty face offers the touch of fun you need. If the traditional bunnies and chickens get a chance to shine, so should all the tiny animals of the world, cats included.

N Avo Hola

Avocados are in. And so is the beautiful muted green that decorates the N Avo Hola set. This design is minimal but impactful. The avocado green gracing fingertips draws all the attention back to the single avocado half eyeing you from the stark white backdrop of your thumb.

It’s the perfect choice for people who appreciate neutrals and healthy snacks.

At-Home Nails Made Easy

It’s time to showcase some of the cutest designs this season. Experience the revolutionary semi-cured experience that will leave all your friends asking what salon you went to.

If you find yourself stuck in the middle of all the choices for your nails this season, ohora is the best place for you to try something new and maybe just fall in love with a brand new way for your nails to shine all year round. We can’t wait to help you get started!

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