Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts: An At-Home Mani/Pedi Date

Pedi Date

Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts: An At-Home Mani/Pedi Date

Moms run the world. They selflessly take care of us, love us, and nurture us throughout our lives. Moms are special. That’s why planning the perfect Mother’s Day gift can feel like a big deal.

Your mother, like all mothers, is the apple of your eye. She’s your inspiration, your best friend, and your guide. So, it can definitely be tricky to find the perfect gift for the perfect mom.

Whether it’s her first Mother’s Day or her 15th, celebrate by sharing this day with her. There is nothing more special in life than spending time with your loved ones and family members.

However, in a world still fighting Covid-19, it’s hard to find an activity-based gift idea you can share together that both make your mom feel treasured and safe.

That’s where we come in with an at-home mani-pedi experience. It’s faster than going out to get them done, but at the end of your experience, you will still have salon-quality nails.

Tell your mom to put her feet up and get comfy; you are here to pick up the slack and offer her some self-care. With a DIY manicure and pedicure, you can combine a personalized gift with your favorite bonding activity.

What Supplies Do You Need for an At-Home Mani-Pedi?

Cotton rounds

Polish remover


Cuticle pusher

Cuticle nippers

    And most importantly…ohora nails. ohora offers semi-cured gel nail strips that are durable, time-saving, and don’t smudge. Plus, they have the polished look of getting your nails done by a professional. With ohora, you can be the professional and give your mom a safe, easy, fun experience.

    What’s great about ohora's semi-cured nail gel strips is that they can be a shared experience. Sure, gift cards and new gadgets are nice, but the thing that matters most when giving a gift is building memories with your loved ones.

    Add to Your List: The Little Details

    If you are really looking to celebrate the best Mother’s Day ever, don’t forget the little details:

    We recommend you and your mom have a cup of tea, put on her favorite playlist, and bring out her favorite throw blanket. To make the day extra fun, put on matching pajama sets. (This makes for the cutest picture opportunity. In fact, snap a picture and give it to her next year in a picture frame.)

    What Are Semi-Cured Nails?

    If you’re wondering what a semi-cured nail gel strip is, prepare to be amazed.

    A semi-cured nail gel strip comes in the form of a soft strip with an almost jelly-like consistency (60% cured). This moldable form can easily adapt to any nail size or shape. After being treated with the UV lamp, it will harden to a durable 100% and last for up to 14 days.

    Follow this guide to the perfect at-home nail experience:

    How To Prep for Mani-Pedis

    1. Wash Your Hands

    Clean your hands, and be sure to remove any current nail polish or nail stickers on your and your mother’s nails. Use a cotton pad and a nail polish remover to gently remove the polish from your nails one by one.

    2. File Your Nails

    Make sure to file only when hands and nails are dry to prevent breakage. You can smooth out your nails and even them so that the strip coats all of them evenly.

    3. Push Down Your Cuticles

    Cuticles are the dead skin you can find at the base of your nail bed. Pushing these down leads to a cleaner look and better polish application. For the best results, add some cuticle oil to your nail art gift set.

    Be sure to soak your and your mom’s hands in soapy water for three to five minutes before using a cuticle pusher to gently push your cuticles down. This will allow all the strips to get the most coverage possible and give you the chicest, cleanest look.

    4. Moisturize Your Hands

    Skincare is self-care. Ultimately, this is all about pampering. Be sure to have a lotion on hand. Try something relaxing and fitting for the occasion, maybe something with a floral scent. Rub that into your hands to keep them healthy and happy.

    If you want to go the extra mile this Mother’s Day, give your mom a hand or foot massage with the lotion. This is the kind of experience that simulates a salon and will make your mother feel very pampered and catered to. Don’t worry if you don’t fancy yourself a masseuse. At the end of the day, the best gift is a thoughtful gift.

    5. Clean Your Nails

    Nail hygiene is just as important as choosing the perfect shade for your nails. Gently clean under your nails to remove any debris that has built up there.

    Next, use a prep pad to wipe away any moisturizer from your nails and prepare them for flawless gel strip application. If this step is skipped, it can prevent the adhesion of the strip to your nails and hinder its long-lasting potential. When applied correctly, ohora semi-cured gel strips should last for up to 14 days or more.

    6. Pick Your Nail Color

    Sometimes the hardest part of getting your nails done is choosing the perfect color. No two colors are the same. Some colors are bold; some colors are demure; some colors are professional. And some colors are just the right fit for you.

    For this lovely holiday, we especially recommend you check out our more natural nails, such as N Memory, N Nudist, and N Rosewood. For something more on the daring side, we recommend P Aube or P Astro. For a sweet and romantic style, we recommend P Satin Magenta.

    Nail colors aren’t just a way to add a little excitement to everyday life. They can also be deeply symbolic.

    For example, N Shooting Star pays tribute to the mom who guides you through life. P Tide Pool is wonderful for families who love the ocean. N Grace is not only a lovely color but also a word to describe how your mom approaches her life.

    Don’t be afraid to think outside the box: You can match your nail color to your favorite sandals or coffee mug. New moms might want to pick the color that corresponds to the color of their new child’s birthstone. If your mom is famous for her green thumb, choose a set that makes her nails literally green!

    Nail color can be a simple choice, but it can also be a unique experience you and your mother get to share. A color can just be a color, but it can also be a moment, a feeling, a shared dream you both get to experience.

    How To Apply Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips

    After completing the prep work above, you can finally apply your semi-cured gel nail strips.

    1. Apply the Strips

    Find the correct strip size for each nail–the strips will be marked on the back to indicate which side should face the cuticle and which side should go on top. Press the strip firmly onto your nail and smooth it out, applying even pressure.

    2. Remove Any Excess Strip

    Using the provided file, you can file away any extra length or excess. You can also just tear off the extra strip with your fingertips. You can also rub your nail across a hard surface or use nail clippers.

    Then, grab the provided wooden stick to smooth out the strip across the edges.

    3. Cure Using the Gel Lamp

    And finally, the most professional aspect of it all — it’s time to cure your nails under the ohora Gel Lamp. The amount of time will depend on the specific product you are using as well as if you are adhering to any nail gems or heavier decorations. Normally, curing two to three times promises the best results.

    Set up and use your ohora gel lamp according to the directions. As any mother would say, patience is a virtue.

    Nothing feels more like bringing the salon and spa into your own home than using your own ohora Gel Lamp. You can now smooth the edges again with the enclosed file, and viola… you are finished. Salon-quality nails all from the comfort of home. All the stunning with none of the splurge.

    4. Repeat These Steps on Your Toes

    We recommend taking extra care to exfoliate your feet using a scrub or a towel. Our feet can be so easily overlooked; taking the extra time to take care of your feet can make all the difference.

    Go with the same nail color as your nails to have a sleek, cohesive look, or have fun with it and try out a different color on both your hands and your feet.

    5. The Most Important Step… Relax

    Life can feel so go, go, go sometimes. Take a moment to bring a pop of color to your life. As much as it is important to love and pamper those around you, you also need to practice relaxing.

    All moms and their loved ones need to find moments of peace and joy together. What is a better way than spending some time to prioritize wellness and happiness?

    The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Are Made With Love

    As Mother’s Day comes to a close, we hope you and your Mother have had a lovely experience together. It is a wonderful thing to be able to “bring” the salon to those you love without having to venture into crowded, busy spaces. Above all, a great gift is a relaxing one.

    We hope you, your mother, and your newly-minted nails end Mother’s Day feeling confident, accomplished, and loved.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and maternal figures in our lives!


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