Top Spring Nail Ideas for the Ultimate Picnic Date

Top Spring Nail Ideas for the Ultimate Picnic Date

Valentine’s Day has passed, and spring has sprung. With the warmth rolling in and clear blue skies ahead, it seems like picnic dates are going to be lining up fast. To us, springtime means pastel nails like light pink nails, green nail gradients, and DIY spring nail art ideas that bring whimsy to any al fresco meal.

You don’t need to go to a manicurist to get the perfect nails for your next date. You can find adorable and trendy nail art designs right here at ohora.

If you’ve got some picnics already booked on your calendar, read on to find a spring manicure for the occasion.

Why Are Picnics So Romantic?

We don’t know where the word picnic comes from, but we do know that picnics became popular amongst the aristocracy in the 18th century. Picnics primarily occurred indoors and were known to be places of great intellectual conversation (like the date you are about to go on, we’re sure).

The French Revolution eventually forced these aristocrats to flee across the world, thus bringing the picnic to England. In England, the picnic became less restrained than it was amongst the wealthy. Picnics eventually became indoor parties with drinking and dancing, usually complete with an amateur play.

Somehow, the idea of a picnic trickled down into the middle class, which is when picnics became the dreamy outdoor meals we love today. It is interesting how the word “picnic” seems to describe a wild party in the past, while today it describes an innocent, sweet meal shared between people who know each other well.

Whether you are picnicking with your family, a friend, or a special someone, cute spring nails will add whimsy to your look and boost your confidence.

To us, picnics evoke images of delicious foods and adorable animals. As the picnic moved to the United States, it became intertwined with ideas of child-like innocence and ethereal connections to nature. As such, these adorable animal and food designs lean into those themes perfectly.

So, get your blanket, your basket, and your food, and finalize your charming spring day with one of these adorable spring nail ideas.

The Cow

If you are looking for perfect spring colors and that authentic farm-to-table feel at your picnic, we suggest these farm-inspired nails.

This pastel blue and yellow twist on a classic French manicure really make these nails capital c Cute. If these cow print French tips don’t strike your fancy, we suggest this lovely set that mixes cow print with a bright pink and yellow ombre. Sometimes, a different color for your French nail makes all the difference.

The Fried Egg

Sunny and yellow, this fried egg manicure will bring lighthearted joy to your picnic. Not just the perfect Easter nail, these whimsical prints are wonderful for any spring occasion.

Hopefully, it is too early in the year to claim you could “fry an egg on the sidewalk.” Still, if your spring is unseasonably warm, you’ll have fried egg nails to match the occasion.

This manicure has little upset eggs on them and the most charming polka dots. If you wear these, you have to pack some sort of egg dish to go along with it. Egg salad, perhaps? We hope these nail colors bring a smile to your face and the faces of all of your beloved picnic partners.

The Avocado

Pale green and absolutely the cutest, this avocado nail art is perfect for a spring afternoon. They pair solid and checkered patterns with a charming little avocado smiling upon a creamy white background.

If you’re dishing up guacamole and chips at your picnic, it is probably best you wear these. Make sure to snap a picture to personify that old adage, “You are what you eat.”


These cloud nails are adorned with a smile because they’ll bring one to your face and the faces of your companions. If you plan to spend your picnic laying back and analyzing the shapes of the clouds, you must wear this gorgeous spring nail design.

This sky blue is gorgeous, and the puffy clouds are a sweet sight for sore eyes. These clouds bring to mind dreams and wonder.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a cloud shaped like a smiley face. And isn’t that better than any superhero could be?

The White Tiger

These white tiger nails are what tangerine dreams are made of. With dainty adornments featuring a white tiger and a tangerine, these mellow nails are funky and cute. These nails are certainly unique and will make a statement when anyone cares to take a closer look.

Tigers have been known to symbolize being ferocious and fearless. The bravery of the tigers on these white nails should help quell any nerves you feel on this magical date.

The Teddy Bear

If you are on a date, these sweet little bear nails are sure to charm anyone they meet. These nails bring to mind coffee, caramel, and cream. The marbling is gorgeous and bound to make a statement.

Your date will see these and instantly know you are caring and cuddly. What better way to make a great first impression?

The Cat

Here’s another cute twist on the classic French manicure. Instead of white tips, we have cream and brown ones along with the cutest little cat possible. The bottoms of the nails are clear and balance the nails out perfectly. These are fun, fresh, and playful. But what will you name this adorable creature?

Much like real cats, these nails can be used to say that you are cute, but you also are not to be messed with. Cats are feminine icons. They will bring their strong and fun energy with you to your picnic.

If you have a real cat? Bring them with you. This is what cat leashes are for. It’s time to show off both your cat nails and your beloved pet cat on this fun afternoon picnic.

Pink Paw Prints

If you are looking for another take on a cat manicure (especially something frilly and girly), this is the paw print manicure for you. With the word “meow” printed amongst the sweetest paw prints and softest hues, this manicure can not be topped when it comes to sweetness.

What Are At-Home Gel Nails?

Now you might be asking yourself… how do I apply all these nails you just linked?

And what a fair question that is. It’s not your typical press-on, and it’s not acrylic nails. These at-home gel nails are the perfect alternative to the salon. Running late before your date? Checking out semi-cured nail strips now might save you some time later. It’s a simple nail process that beginners and experts alike will love.

What do we mean by “semi-cured?” Well, to “cure” means to harden and solidify a nail. When you are in the salon, the UV or LED light that you put your hands under is the thing that cures your nails.

Semi-cured gel nails come to your house already 60% cured. Just put them on your nails, then use a gel lamp to harden them yourself at home.

A semi-cured nail gel strip is squishy to the touch, which means it can flexibly mold to any nail shape. After being cured under the lamp, the gel will solidify from 60% to 100% cured and can last for up to 14 days.

Many nail aficionados find that using semi-cured gel nail strips at home is a better choice than going to the salon. It feels much safer to do our nails in the comfort of our homes during the pandemic, but it is also a budget-friendly choice.

Not to mention, these nails are always super cute and last for up to two weeks. With ordinary nail polish, you would probably end up chipping your nails at your lovely picnic. With gels, you can feel confident in your nails throughout your magical meal.

As you can see from the list above, the number of options for your nails is enthralling. With how much more affordable doing our own nails is, we can switch up our style more often and choose nails perfect for whichever picnic you plan.

Is Your Picnic Basket Packed?

We hope you are ready to go. Spring is a time for joy, fun colors, and choosing to express your happiness for the good weather through your nails. Long nails or short nails, classic French manis or quirky floral nail designs, there’s a gel polish design for any lifelong romantic. All of these nails will bring childlike wonder to your adult life, much like a picnic.

It is important to not be so serious all the time. Being an adult can be exhausting. Sure minimalist, nude nails are professional, but what about rhinestones, ombre nails, and butterfly nail designs? If we have to be grown-ups, can’t we at least have cute, fun, and easy nails?

We want your picnic to go perfectly and your day to be filled with warmth and light. We hope you lay your head back in the grass, watch the clouds roll past, and laugh with someone you care about. May your drinks stay cold and your food delicious. But how could it not be — you packed it.

Enjoy your salon-quality nails, and enjoy your date. A long history of picnickers is rooting for you.


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