14 Wedding Nail Designs You Can Try at Home

14 Wedding Nail Designs You Can Try at Home

14 Wedding Nail Designs You Can Try at Home

Every bride deserves to feel their very best on her big day. It's a moment when your childhood fantasies are brought to life in a flurry of floral arrangements, pretty dresses, loved ones, and lots of dancing. A day like that should be a day to remember for all the right reasons.

However, wedding days are notorious for all the stress and worry they bring. In a recent survey, it was found that 40% of couples described the planning of a wedding as "extremely stressful." While a whopping 71% of couples said it was more stressful than other milestones like starting a new job.

 These statistics are especially true in the days leading up to those momentous first steps down the aisle. While the stress of a wedding can be alleviated in many ways, we believe that choosing the perfect pairing for your flowing train or the rhinestone-studded bodice shouldn't be part of that stress at all.

So, when you're currently stressing about the details of your bridal look, like what your nails should look like, we've got you covered. And not just for your design idea needs, but for that stunning pedicure to peek through those white wedding heels, too.

The Best for the Bride-To-Be

Keep scrolling to find your next semi-cured gel set to fulfill your wedding day dreams this wedding season.

N Veil

Inspired by the silky cream of a wedding veil, N Veil will make you feel like you're walking down the aisle with grace and poise every step of the way. These classic white nails feature a nail art design that will fit a bride on any occasion surrounding her big day and last her for weeks after, too. If you need a ride-or-die ole' reliable to pair with your flowing frock, N Veil is the one for you.

N Queen

Regal, refined, elegant. This is exactly how you'll feel walking to the altar with N Queen by your side. You'll have every eye in the crowd trained on you as you waltz your way to your happily ever after. Featuring an upgraded white french tip design with a royal rhinestone accent, you'll be the belle of the ball in more ways than one. It'll have your engagement ring popping off against the matching luxury.

N Sylph

It's simple, and it's effective with just a touch of opulence and finesse. N Sylph is a minimalist modern take on a reliable french tip with its off-center white accents and line of gold detailing. We love the number of variations offered on an unbeatable wedding nail design, and N Sylph doesn't disappoint in that department. It would be a great option for a sleek matching look between you and your bridesmaids, too, if you're looking for a classic wedding vibe.

N Monroe

Pink is a color that says, "gentle, kind, loving, innocent." All the things you might be pining for in your wedding look. Despite what tradition might dictate, not all wedding nails have to be white. Shocking, we know. N Monroe breaks the wedding mold by offering a french tip design in demure pink tones. N Monroe is perfect if you're looking for tradition with a pop of unconventional nail colors.

N Pure White

If you've searched through endless french manicure designs for your wedding day nails and thought, "I want something different," then N Pure White is waiting. It's all the fun of a french tip with all the style and wow factor of something completely new. The perfect stark white basic makes for an excellent wedding day choice. But N Pure white flips french manicure on its head featuring deeper white tips and a small clear cuticle cutout. It's the perfect amount of "different."

N Premium Jewelry no. 2

Nudes are the perfect BFF to the white of a wedding dress and the luxury of your big day. N Premium Jewelry no. 2 offers you both. Featuring a pink-nude nail base and geometric gold foil accents, the glam rhinestones that set these nails off make for a stunning choice of wedding nails.


N Basic Nail no. 3

It's glitz and glam galore. N Basic Nail no. 3 features a clear gel base and pops off with a pink opal-toned glitter gradation. People will be doing a double-take with these ombre babies wrapped so delicately around your bursting bouquet. They'll stay as a reminder of your special day for weeks to follow.

N Dress Up

You won't be able to tell the pink from the white in N Dress Up. Alluding to the feeling of a childhood fantasy, this glitter gel with crisscrossing accents is a cute nail option for that fantasy come true. Truly dress up in all the beauty and grace you deserve with the help of this semi-cured neutral nail mani.

N Classic

Mocha is here for the win with N Classic. In a glorious mix of creams, chocolate browns, mocha glitter, and pearly accents, this gel set checks every box. If you can't decide between rhinestones, glittery shine, or even what color to go with for your wedding theme, N Classic would be the optimal choice for the indecisive bride.

N Felice

Baby blue might just be the color you never knew you needed for your wedding day nails. N Felice evokes youthful wonder with its twinkling periwinkle-toned blue and cascading pastel glitter details. White might be too traditional, and pink nails could be too obvious, but blue could be that perfect sweet spot for you.

Drop M 01

A beautiful blend of pink and white come together in Drop M 01. In this subtle mixture of clear gel base and soft pink gemstones, you'll be the secret queen playing royal wedding with the entire kingdom at your behest. Everyone else will see a gorgeous bride with a gorgeous wedding manicure.

P Aura

Maybe you searched high and low already and have decided on what manicure you'll be sporting for your big day. If that's the case, then we've got options for one step further to upgrade your wedding nail art and attire. P Aura is an elegant pedicure to don down the aisle featuring a luminescent pink glitter gel that will reflect the excited twinkle in your eye.

P Steadyseller Pedicure no. 5

In case you were looking for a soft but luxurious blue to match your unconventional pop of a manicure, P Steadyseller Pedicure no. 5 could be the one for you. A blue sky ombre folds gracefully across your little piggies to the diamond of the season–a shining, geometric silver-stoned centerpiece. It's like a disco party with every step.

P Diamant

With P Diamant, any nude mani nail art now has its best friend. With a pinkish-nude gel base coat and a LOT of glitter, this pedicure makes for a sparkly flash of grandeur to help your feet feel as confident as the rest of you. And it'll look killer shimmering under the summer waters on your honeymoon after you skate away in your can-dragging car that screams "Just Married."

A Big Deal for a Big Day

We know that simply choosing your gorgeous wedding nail isn't all there is to planning a wedding; not even close. So, in addition to a can't-miss deal for the month of June, buy thr

We'd also like to offer some stress-relieving tips as you continue on your journey down the aisle. Don't forget to take breaks often. Snagging a midday nap, taking yourself out on a little solo date, or even just taking some time to watch a new Netflix show can help take your mind off the stress of planning.

Another great way to feel a sense of progress and accomplishment as you move through seemingly endless planning is to create a Done List. When those daily tasks look insurmountable, breaking things down into accomplishable and simplified checkboxes can help you tackle each with more focus. Plus, it feels like a little reward to visibly check something off the list.

And you can start today by checking off that wedding nail box. And don't forget, for the entire month of June, you can pair that chic wedding nail art for you and your bridesmaids with ohora's buy three, get one free pedicure.

There couldn't be a better time to start on that list and feel accomplished and satisfied. We're honored to be with you in some small way on your big day.



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