Gel Nail Strips: Everything You Need To Know

Gel Nail Strips: Everything You Need To Know

Gel Nail Strips: Everything You Need To Know

Getting your nails done can be a rare, special occasion type of treat. It’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and it requires you to leave your house if you want something durable. If you’re looking for a simple way to do your nails at home while saving time and money, you need to take a look at gel nail strips.

Why Gel Nail Polish Strips?

You’ve probably heard of — or even tried — press-on full nail wraps or stick-ons, the lower-quality cousins of gel nail strips. Maybe you picked some nail polish stickers at your local drugstore, only to have them fall off at the most inconvenient times. Unlike press-ons, gel home manicures are much closer to a salon manicure or pedicure in terms of quality and useability.

If you love high-quality manicures with real nail polish, gel is the way to go.

Gel lasts longer than traditional nail polish, which is always worthwhile considering the time it takes to do your own nails at home. Plus, gel is less likely to chip, peel, and crack than standard polish thanks to its chemical makeup.

Why Choose Semi-Cured Gel Strips?

When looking for gel nail options to try at home, semi-cured should be your first pick over standard nail art stickers or gel nail wraps. But what does “semi-cured” mean?

As you know, salon-style gel manicures need to harden under a UV or LED lamp to minimize dry time and adhere the gels to your natural nail bed. This process is called curing, and it’s an essential component of every gel manicure. Curing is what sets your nails, making them durable.

Thankfully, semi-cured gel strips are already 60% cured. That means you can put them on your nails at home while they’re still flexible and easy to mold to any nail, then you use a gel lamp to harden them for the additional 40%. With gel strips and a UV light, you can get salon-quality gel nails done from the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the cost!

What Comes in a Gel Nail Strip Kit?

A semi-cured nail gel strip is initially soft with a moldable almost squishy consistency. This strip can easily be applied to any size or shape of nail, then molded to suit that nail perfectly. After being cured under the lamp, These long-lasting nails stay in tip-top shape for 14 days.

Gel nail strip kits come in plenty of colors, so there’s lots of room for personal expression. You can find options ranging from muted neutrals and pastel colors to vibrant patterns that pair with bolder outfits.

What Tools Do You Need To Apply Gel Nails?

When you order a gel nail strip kit, make sure you have all of the tools you need for application — a gel lamp, a nail file, and a prep pad. With this set of simple tools, you’ll be able to cure your nails, file down any excess, and get the perfect shape.

Luckily, all these tools (except the gel lamp) are included in any ohora nail set. So you don’t need to spend lots of money on extra supplies.

How Do You Apply Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips for the First Time?

Below is everything you need to know about applying gel nail strips and becoming a DIY nail artist. If you prefer a visual tutorial, we have a quick and simple video to help you follow along with each step as a close-up clip.

Choose Your Strips

To start, find the strips that suit your mood. There are plenty of options to choose from, and there’s no “wrong” way to style your gel strips. Ultimately, just choose what feels right for you! You can find everything from creative nail art designs or solid colors with classic vibes.

You can keep your nail colors and patterns professional if you have an office job, or you can express your bright personality through any of our more dynamic choices. As a rule of thumb, neutrals and soft, muted colors are more formal while bright, loud patterns are more casual.

Time To Apply

Applying gel strips sounds like it would be easier said than done, right? Luckily, the application process isn’t as difficult as you might think.

First, you need to locate the correct strip size for each nail. Remove the nails from the packaging and examine them. You should find that each strip is marked to show you which side goes on the top of your nail and which side faces your cuticle.

Press the strip to your nail, applying pressure as evenly as possible. Your nail stick will come in handy at this time and help apply the strips more evenly.

Remove Any Excess Material

You can tear off the remaining gel with your fingers or use the provided nail file to file it away. If you’re not into either of those options, you can also use nail clippers or drag your nail against a solid surface to scrape off the unwanted (and unneeded) excess gel.

Gel Lamp Time

Now, it’s time to cure your nails under the ohora Gel Lamp.

This part of the process makes you feel like you work in a professional nail salon — even though you might just be in the kitchen of your one-bedroom apartment. The length of time you should cure your nails depends upon the kind of nails you choose, including whether you’re using any gems or ornaments on your nails. Usually, curing two to three times gives you the best results.

With your UV Lamp, you can recreate the salon experience at home (without any of the hassle). After curing your nails a few times, you can once again smooth out the edges, and there… you did it.

It’s an exciting and empowering experience to apply and cure your own gel nails, and thanks to gel strips, it’s easier than ever. After your gel strips wear out — usually over the course of about two weeks — you’ll need a new set. Take the opportunity to experiment with new colors, patterns, and styles.

What Are the Best Nail Strips?

We’re so glad you asked.

Maybe the better question is: What are the right nail strips for you? There are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. Luckily, you can’t go wrong if you’re choosing high-quality nail kits made with premium-grade materials (like the ones at ohora).

As you know, different colors can invoke different emotions. Warm colors like red and orange bring to mind warmth, but also can be colors that bring to mind passion and anger. On the other hand, cooler colors like blues and purples can bring to mind calm but also coldness.

You can decide to choose your nails based on your mood or the energy you want to project out into the world. If you want to make a statement, your nails are a wonderful place to do it!

The Best Professional Nails

Our N Veil nails are simple, light, and clean. These are perfect for all occasions. You could wear them to your wedding, to a picnic, or to a meeting with a big client. They evoke feelings of calm and can go with anything and everything. This is the perfect nail for those of us who want something neutral and peaceful.

The Best Fun Nails

N Caramel Bear are nails with an adorable bear on them — need we say more?

These nails are best sellers for a reason (and the reason is that they are capital -C Cute). With milky marbling and warm brown tones, these nails are able to bring a mature spin to a cute lil bear. We think these are great for any fun occasion as the perfect nail for an extrovert or a Paddington Bear fanatic.

The Best Nails for Confidence

You deserve to feel like royalty. That said, N Queendom can take you there. Rule over your kingdom with confidence and class with these pretty, sparkly nails. They are girly in the best way possible. This is the perfect nail for your bossiest and bravest friend — you know the one.

Final Thoughts

Semi-cured gel nail strips are an amazing alternative to going to the salon. For people who love getting their nails done but don’t want to spend all of that time and effort making repeat trips to the salon — we thank the geniuses behind this invention a hundred times over.

Gel nail strip kits are cute, affordable, and should last for up to two weeks. For anyone who’s always bumping into things and chipping traditional or acrylic nail polish, the strength of these gel nails is a lifesaver.

Also, the variety of options of nail colors and patterns is always exciting. With gel strips being so much more affordable than getting my nails done in a salon, we wouldn’t be surprised if you changed up your nails often and eagerly!

There’s so much self-expression to showcase in our daily appearances and nails are one of those for many people in the world. After applying, you’ll have strong nails and even stronger self-confidence.

We hope you try out this new and exciting way to do your nails at home!


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