What Are Ombre Nails & Which Color Should You Choose?


What Are Ombre Nails & Which Color Should You Choose?

What Are Ombre Nails & Which Color Should You Choose?

With all the options for nail types and even more options for colors and designs, it can be challenging to sort through what should be your next set. While variety is the spice of life, we think ombre nails can add a particularly exciting spice. This trendy style has been all the rage for a long while, and we don't see that ending soon. 

But what exactly is ombre? And why does it work so well? 

Ombre is a kind of like a gradient you might find in an art piece, except ombre isn't restricted to colors of a similar hue. You could pick any two, three, or even four colors you fancy and blur them together for a fun rainbow. 

And the best part is, no matter the length, shape, or style of your favorite manicure, this effect can be brought to life with more ease than you might think. Gel extensions, acrylic nails, semi-cure gel strips — you name it, ombre can thrive. 

No matter your style, keep reading to find out how to achieve this beautiful design and what colors fit you.

How Did People Come Up With Ombre?

What is now a major nail art style with millions of variations started out as something much simpler: the classic French tip. Picture a pink-based undertone with a distinct, hard line separating cream-white tips.

This is still an iconic and popular design no matter its variation, but it started as an at-home nail kit option for modern Hollywood actresses. It was an easy and elegant choice to pair with any costume changes when shooting a movie. This transitioned into something bigger around the 1940s. 

The classic French tip got an update post-WWII, which became known as the baby boomer nail. The hard line between the pink undertone and cream-white tips became blurred for a smoother transition of color. This gave us a simple version of the ombre we know and love today.

What started as a simple blurred line has transformed into a wide array of color combos and gradient options for any nail lover. It used to be that colors in the same family were necessary to achieve the ombre effect, but now, any combination of colors can fit the bill. No part of the rainbow is off-limits. 

With that in mind, what colors go well together for ombre nails? We help you figure out just that below.

What Color Combos Work Best for Ombre?

What Are Ombre Nails & Which Color Should You Choose?

Whether you consider yourself a traditionalist or a non-conformist, there is an ombre option for you. No matter the season or occasion, ombre nails allow can successfully carry you through any occasion or situation because they are so customizable.

Know the colors of the event? Match it perfectly and subtly with a fresh set of ombre. Aesthetics never felt so easy with the right color combo. Let's walk through some of them together and discuss how each combo will improve your unique style.

N Peach Latte

We firmly believe there is a pink for everyone — bright and flashy or demure and elegant. Even if you've never considered yourself a pink person, don't panic — pink can work on anyone. The classic pink of the original ombre is more nude than pink. Of course, a hot pink or baby pink would also pair smashingly with a white cream gradient. 

For those that don't want startlingly pink nails, we came up with the delightful N Peach Latte. It will look closer to the pink of your natural nail bed, leaving you with a sleek and simple ombre any time of year. This manicure is just the bee's knees of ombre with its simple but impactful sheer pink shine and cream mix. And if you weren't an ombre girl before, we think this miiight change your mind. 

N Vintage Rose

Can we get some noise from the loud nail lovers in the house? We see you and love you for all the fun and eclectic style you bring to the fashion world. This ombre combo is 100% for you. 

N Vintage Rose takes contrasting vibes and puts them all in one set, featuring bold marbling, gentle pastels, sultry burgundy, and a stark ombre gradient. While you may think such a mix would never work, we'd like to say oh contraire, bestie. Believe it or not, the stark contrast of these colors and the blend of styles is exactly what makes it work.

N Lucid


Here's another go-to for the monochrome maidens who might be looking for a little spice. The two-toned ombre cannot fail. This combo is more in line with the traditional idea of choosing colors within the same family and blending them in a seamless gradient.

N Lucid accomplishes just that. Picking only two colors to make this work helps each color shine and blend with perfection while remaining easy to match and style alongside. N Lucid features a beautiful mix of cherry reds and pastel pink, accented by a syrupy droplet that looks like it comes alive on the nail. 

You can have a lot of fun with monochrome ombre nails, ande think N Lucid is your perfect match for a unique and fun twist. 

N Pastel

Let's take a note from the best book on color out there: the rainbow. How can a group of colors that range so differently from the next work so beautifully? It's all in the tone with which they are used. 

Rainbow styles are perfect if you can't choose just one or two colors, and with N Pastel, you can embody the rainbow through amazing ombre tones. This nail set doesn't pick favorites and lets all the colors shine vibrantly. With bright, pastel shades, these colors blend like you never thought possible.

N Pottery

It's rain, rain go away in most cases, so when would you ever want to include gray in your attire? Maybe you think it's always so drab, boring, and dull. If that's you, then you're truly missing out on a prime nail opportunity with N Pottery

Gray blended out into a clear gel polish makes for a universal nail look that will go with almost anything. It's classic with just the right amount of bling to make things pop. And if you're tired of the same old nude nail color, then N Pottery could be a fun, unique way to spice up your look instead of dulling it. Don't even get us started on the geometric gemstone accents.

N Shooting Star


An option most people don't even think of is using a different medium of color altogether. Forget the plain polish and go for glitter during your next at-home salon visit with N Shooting Star

Glitter polish makes for an excellent ombre. Mixed with clear gel polish, glitter can make a gentler gradation as it blurs out from the edge. Use this to your advantage with N Shooting Star. You can sport a beautiful purple glitter design that will leave all your friends asking where you got the incredible idea. And you'll just have to tell them it was ohora.

Ombre the Day Away

There you have it: ombre at a glance. Maybe you learned a new color combo to try the next time you visit the manicurist. Or maybe you got a spark of inspiration to search for your next design to try at home. Better yet, maybe you got a spark to try one of these combos on your own. It is hard to believe that achieving these nails at home with your own semi-cured gel nail strip kit can be simple and fun. You can do it solo for a relaxing evening or with your girlfriends for a girls' night in. 

And now that you have a list of imaginative ideas to try, you can run wild and free with any color you could dream of. We listed a few trustworthy options for you, but when it comes to ombre, you can do whatever color in whatever style you want. Throw some trendy details on a simple, one-color ombre to make for an unending pool of nail designs you can sift through all year long. The sky is truly the limit, so go crazy.

For fantastic nails at home, ohora has everything you need. Even a free UV gel lamp with any first purchase when you sign up at ohora.com. You can also get toenail sets to show off more new ombre looks. For a limited time, you can get a fourth for free when you buy any three toenail sets. 



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