16 Back to School Nails To Match College Theme Colors

16 Back to School Nails To Match College Theme Colors

16 Back to School Nails To Match College Theme Colors

16 Back to School Nails To Match College Theme Colors

Back to school. It’s an occasion that comes around the same time every year, continually interrupting the flow of another perfect summer with its call for attention. The caramel tans fade. The tops of the convertibles go back up.

Maybe you find the return to academia less than thrilling, or maybe you can’t wait to see all your friends and hit the books. No matter which category you fall into, one thing we all love about this time is back-to-school fashion. 

As cooler weather comes, we can switch to layers of fluffy, warm fabrics. And when it comes to going back to campus, that means rocking your school colors and logo with pride, especially at any sporting events. It’s crucial to show your school spirit

But who said that your school pride had to stop at clothing? Why should your fashionable schoolwear end with a sweater?

We don’t think it should. Accessories are just as important as the staples themselves, if not more in some cases. That’s why we’ve done half the work for you campus trendsetters and compiled a list of the best back-to-school manicures for any college color. 

Keep reading to find the right fit for you.

Uni, Here You Come 

The most common combo for colleges and universities is red and white, although many other common colors (like blue, green, and orange) are also found pretty often amidst the logos of major universities. In our compilation of colorful manis below, you can find something for any color and even neutrals to go with them all.

N Dazzling

16 Back to School Nails To Match College Theme Colors

What’s the best way to perfectly match any color? Wear them all, of course. You can do just that with N Dazzling and look good doing it, too. With this opulent gel mani that was quite literally made to dazzle, you can sport a transparent rainbow gradient complete with gold decals. Dazzle the day away, honey.

N Howling

With our first red and white of the list, N Howling gives classy, gothic, and chic. This mani is a mix of pearly white, blood red, and a quirky leopard print to tie it all together in a look that’s perfect for a fall return to school. Plus, the modern look of these nails also makes them a go-to all fall and winter long for any occasion.

N Rosewood

Dare to stand out this school year with N Rosewood. This sultry combo of sparkling golds, creamy beiges, and deep red gel makes for another killer fall set that’ll go with a range of white, red, or gold-themed school colors.

N Cream Paper

It’s nudes and neutrals galore this year. What better way to match your school’s color than to wear a color that goes with anything?

N Cream Paper features a beautifully simple cream look brought to life with ohora’s signature half-syrup gel. You’ll be killing it all fall long with this one.

N Eldorado


Olive green and glittering gold shine in N Eldorado. It’s quirky, it’s adventurous, and it’s perfect if you’re hoping to get your green on. N Eldorado features gold brushstroke-esque detailing surrounded by a sea of olive gel that makes for an excellent back-to-school option.

N Hip Tiger

Sleek, classy, and cool will be just a few of the words brought to mind when you see N Hip Tiger. It ain’t called that for nothing. Inspired by the year of the tiger, this mani features tiger stripe accents amidst vivacious shades of blue, red, and white, perfect for all kinds of uni colors.

N Blaze Sun

Orange and yellow — two prominent but underappreciated college colors. Well, that ends with N Blaze Sun. Reminiscent of the vivid hues of solar flares, this mani features a combo of deep oranges, yellows, and even blue that makes it an optimal choice for any orange-heads out there.

N Chilly

As school begins, it brings with it the chill of fall air. N Chilly honors this shift in weather with a fitting manicure. This russet mix of red and brown in a beautifully colored set is the best choice for not only the matching of school colors but the matching of a routine change in your own life.

N Bloom


This manicure is a smash hit for pastel blue and sparkly white. Featuring metallic overlays, N Bloom will make any first day that much easier with a boost of glittery confidence at your fingertips. Bloom into the new school year and rep your school colors while you do it.

N Hibiscus

A little marble never hurt anyone, so marble it up all over by wearing N Hibiscus out across campus on your first day. Jam-packed with ruby reds and silky whites, this mani is the perfect transition set from summer to fall as it still represents all the summer fun you’ll be carrying with you. Plus, with all the red and white, odds are it’ll look banging with most college themes.

N My Signature 

All the swoops and sweeps of a cursive signature come to life with N My Signature. Red, white, and the trendy addition of neon yellow create a vibey experience for any manicure lover and any student returning or new this year. Make a name for yourself by wearing this set on your first day.

N Giverny

N Giverny, inspired by Giverny sunsets, boasts its resplendent gradient of orange and red in a beautiful expression of color. If orange is absolutely anywhere in your school’s color, wear it loud it proud.

N Matcha Latte

We know matcha isn’t for everyone’s flavor palate, but it should be for everyone’s color palette. N Matcha Latte takes all the pretty, deep green of the traditional beverage and casts it across your manicure with abandon. 

Rich olive gel basics make a beautiful backdrop for added gemstone accents and marbled green and white detailing — the prettiest choice for any green goblins on campus.

N Cream Pumpkin


Autumnal vibes only, please. N Cream Pumpkin is a uniquely colored manicure rich with a blend of mustard yellow and beigy brown. If you’re anywhere remotely ready for fall to start and summer to disappear, N Cream Pumpkin might just help you get there. And the quirky color just might be the perfect blend of school spirit you’ve been searching for. Wear it with pride: hoorah.

N Squar Touch

This abstract mani comes through with its trendy take on blue, white, and gold brushstroke details. With N Squar Touch -– and yes, it is Squar — you’ll be repping all hues of blue that you could want and then some.

N Lazy Sunday

Believe it or not, pink was a school color for universities like Penn State back in the 80s. N Lazy Sunday lets you live that vintage memory for real with its peachy pink gel and gold foil accents. Complete with pink, orange, and blue-toned watercolor droplets, this mani will have you representing school spirit, past and present alike. 

Blend In To Stand Out

All throughout the history of colleges and universities, color has told a story. It’s a story of what they represent, what they support, and what they are all about. And when you take on that school’s spirit by wearing the colors yourself, you’re making those same statements. 

So while color can be a fun way to bring energy and comradery into the first football game of the season or a sense of unity to a group of seniors throwing their caps on graduation day, the colors themselves can mean so much more than that. 


Oftentimes, university colors represent the prominent moments of that school’s history like where the school originated or something relating to a school’s founder. Other times the colors come from an idea that the school is trying to present to the rest of the world saying, “This is us. This is what we believe about ourselves.” 

And even times other than that, color is brand identity. It’s something to set a college apart from its competitors in sports and competition. 

Whether you’re wearing out strong royal purple, high energy, exciting orange, or a pure and innocent white, you’re saying something in tandem with your school. Fashion and trends are vital, of course, and you can choose to wear color if for no other reason than that it looks pretty. 

You can choose from the gorgeous nail sets we showed here, or find more at ohora.com. And, with any first purchase, you can get a free UV gel nail lamp when you sign up on our site.

So, if you want to walk side by side with your chosen academic home this year, wear those school colors with pride and excitement. It’ll make that fabulous manicure that much more meaningful on your first day on campus, we promise. 


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