A New Type of Attachable

Gel Nail Polish, ohora

With our 60% semi-cured gel technology, we bring the latest nail art

on your finger tips without order, damage, and artists skill. 

0% Cured

Not vinyl or plastic,

we use 100% real liquid gel.

60% Cured

This jelly-like type strips allows

easy application and fits all nail size.

This stage is when ohora meets you.

100% Cured

When fully cured under a UV lamp,

nails will completely harden

and last up to 14 days.


Without artists’ skills,

you can achieve the high-end,

salon-quality gel nails at home.

As a manufacturer,

we own the technology and the design copyrights.

Our patented technology and exclusive nail designs

will take your nail experience to another level.



We own the quality-control

over all our products.  


Thick Volume

The gel strips are layered

with top, colour, and base.



The unique shape allows

full adhesion on nail edges.

We want to provide safe beauty to our customers. 

All ingredients are certified, and all products have been tested to be trusted.



We use safe materials

that are ISO quality certified.



We produce toxin-free

& safety certified strips.



We own the patented

technology & design rights.


#1 Best-Selling Gel Nails in Korea & Japan


Reviewed by 850K Satisfied Customers


Sold over 10 Million Units Since 2019


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Fits for all nail shapes

C-Curved Design

allows the strips to reach the edges

of the nails and adhere strongly.

In-House Production

maintains product safety

and quality-control.

100% Cosmetic-Based

Material with ISO quality certification,

cruelty-free and safety proof.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

ohora products have not been tested on animals and does not contain any animal products or animal derived ingredients.

ohora cares for your well-being, and one of its long-term goal is to present safe beauty to its customers. All ingredients are certified, and all products have been tested to be trusted.