How To Keep Your Flower Nail Designs Pretty & Chic This Summer

How To Keep Your Flower Nail Designs Pretty & Chic This Summer

How To Keep Your Flower Nail Designs Pretty & Chic This Summer

Are you looking for nail art that will make you feel — in full bloom? Look no further to fill your summer nail looks with bouquets, daisies, and all the kinds of flower nail designs you can imagine.

Nail art can be specified to any season, and what is better for summer than bringing in some #flowerpower.

Why Floral Nails?

Flowers are known for their symbolism. We give flowers to loved ones in celebration and to make them feel better when they are sad. Flowers are able to encompass a large part of human emotion, and we connect very strongly with them. They bring to mind life, death, and love. 

Having floral designs on your nails will be feminine and very cute. Summer is a time for life to feel vibrant and to seek solace in nature. Why not bring nature into your life by going on a sunny hike but also by having some daisies on your toes.

What’s the First Step?

Well, when it comes to keeping your nails pretty and chic this summer, the first step is always: hygiene. Proper nail hygiene is very important for both health and the appearance of your nails. Take a look at your nails right now. Anything out of the ordinary? Any weird colors or textures? Maybe your nails just look thin and not their strongest?

Read on to discover the proper ways we should be taking care of our nails because the first step to any beauty routine is always health!

Nail Health

First of all, it’s important to keep our nails clean and dry. Bacteria can grow on and under wet nails, so this is a very vital step. To keep your nails clean and dry, be sure to wear rubber gloves when cleaning or scrubbing dishes. This can also prevent damage to your hands.

Next, keep your nails well maintained. Be sure to clip them when they are getting too long, and avoid pulling any hangnails.

Nothing is worse than having dry, cracked hands or knuckles. This is especially important in colder months, but luckily summertime shouldn’t be too bad. However, within the pandemic, handwashing has become a much, much more frequent occurrence, and thus, our hands are even more dry than usual. 

The perfect solution? A nice lotion. Applying lotion to your hands can even be a ritualistic self-care practice. Moments of self-care are very important so that we can connect with ourselves and experience self-love, especially in tumultuous times such as these.

What are things to avoid when taking care of your nails? Good question. It’s important we avoid picking at our cuticles or pulling hangnails as well as not biting our nails. For some, these are hard habits to break, but in the end, they will help your nails’ appearance and their overall health. 

Now, before we get into floral nail recommendations, an essential part of proper nail care for pretty nails is proper gel nail application.

How To Apply

When it comes to affordable, durable nails at home nothing beats ohora’s semi-cured gel nails. This is a great option because it saves you time, and money, and the best part — you don’t have to talk to anyone.

Just kidding — well if you’re a social person we are kidding. Anyway, put on some good tunes, invite your friends over, and get ready to become a nail professional. We know you’re up for the task. Luckily, it's very easy and with this step-by-step guide there’s no way you can go wrong.

The First Step — Acquiring the Right Nails

Before you can apply your nails you are going to need to get some. Ohora has tons of options for everyone. Just order online and they’ll arrive right at your door.


Now it is time to actually take the gel out of the packaging and place it on your nail. It sounds simple because, thankfully, it is.

You need to start by finding the right strip size for each nail. Remove those gels from the packaging and check to see which side is marked at being the one that should be closest to your cuticle. Then, place them on your nails.

Get Rid of Any Excess

Once the gel is on your nails, smooth it out and push it down. Then, remove any excess. You can remove it with your nail trimmer or use the nail file included in your ohora package.


Now you can cure your nails with the compact and portable ohora Gel Lamp

This will make you feel like a real manicurist. You just place your nails under the light and let the UV rays harden your nails so that they become their most durable and shiny selves.

The amount of times you have to cure your nails depends on if you’re using added nail art or gems, but usually, it takes around two to three sessions for your nails to be ready to rock and roll.

Applying and curing your own gel nails is a fun and liberating experience. And now it’s easier than ever, thanks to gel strips. You'll need a new set once your gel strips wear out, which normally takes around two weeks. Take advantage of the opportunity to try out various styles.

What Floral Nails Are Right for Me?

With flowers, it’s really hard to go wrong. That being said, flowers can offer great symbolism that might impact which nails you want to rock this summer. Who knows, maybe wearing nails with roses on them will be just the trick to find the perfect summer fling.

N Fluer

These nails could not be cuter. They are pink, sweet, and covered in daisies and pansies. Daisies tend to symbolize motherhood and fertility, so they would be a great gift for your mother or aspiring mothers in your life. Pansies, however, are symbolic of love, so that also makes these nails perfect to wear out to a date night or to gift your partner who loves nail art.

N Dancing Flower

These nails are purple with pretty photo-realistic renditions of moving flowers. These nails also have gold on them, perfect for those more glamorous or into the finer things in life. These nails are perfect for the free spirits and those truly in touch with nature. These nails bring to mind wind whistling through a meadow, and we hope you wear these as you dance through fields and dance through life.

P Good Day

And now? A fun and funky pedicure. These flowers are cartoony and delightful. We think this set is perfect for anyone who is the life of the party and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. The colors in this set are extra fun and would go great with any colorful, bright, happy nails you have on as your manicure.

How could you have a bad day when you’re wearing a P Good Day?

N Picnic

These nails are for the dreamer. Nothing says nails-of-my-dreams quite like this vintage-inspired floral french nail manicure. Unlike classic french nails, these have little floral drawings on them as well as clear nail bases.

We think this is a great set for anyone who loves to wear pastels and always has their head in a book or vintage dresses in their shopping cart. These nails just scream, “I love thrift shopping” and “Did you try that cute new coffee shop?”

Who wouldn’t want to picnic with nails as sweet as these?


You just can’t go wrong when you're leaning into the summer floral nail trend. Additionally, by taking great care of your nails any trend you try out will look sharp.

Self-care is so important and by taking care of our bodies and adorning them with beautiful things, we are able to show ourselves some much-needed love. To love oneself is a wonderful thing, and we think everyone deserves to feel that way.

Stop and smell the roses by putting some right where you can always see them — on your nails. You can wear nails that you feel symbolize who you are or just try out something fun and new. You really just can't go wrong.

Our ohora nails make you feel confident enough with your salon-quality nails, to put your best and well pedicured) foot first as you march into summer. We know we do.



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