Best Gifts for Sister: 15 Ideas To Show Appreciation

Best Gifts for Sister: 15 Ideas To Show Appreciation

Best Gifts for Sister: 15 Ideas To Show Appreciation

Best Gifts for Sister: 15 Ideas To Show Appreciation

Ah, sisters — to most of us, sisters are more than just a sibling that lived across the hall or that we shared a room with growing up. She is more than someone who we passed the blame to when mom or dad found a mess with no suspects. She is more than just a sister. She is your BFF (best friend forever) and closest confidant.

Sisters can be some of the most influential people in our lives. With National Sister Day on the horizon, it’s the perfect opportunity to show her how much you care and appreciate her through a thoughtful and fun gift. What better gift to give than a manicure or pedicure, perfectly chosen to suit your sister’s unique personality and style?

Trendy and full of spunk? We’ve got something for that sister that’s better than anything on her Amazon or Etsy wish list. Polished and mature? We’ve got something for that sister, too. Sleek and classic, perhaps? Not to worry, there is something on this list for everyone. 

Keep reading to find that perfect gift to lavish on your sister this Sister Day. These could even be great ideas in the future for Christmas, Mother’s Day, or birthday gifts. We’ve got nothing but smash-hit gift ideas below.

Sister Appreciation Gift Guide: 15 Unique Gift Ideas

P Darling

Manicures are a crowd favorite for a little self-care, but we can’t forget about our toes. That warm weather isn’t gone quite yet, and while the sun is still out, so are your sister’s toes. Why not show them a little love too, with this dainty pastel pedicure: P Darling

This set is demure and gentle with a rainbow of different colors that let your sister live out her spring and summer dreams. Simple flower details and a classic plaid pattern accent make this pedicure a walking picnic. End summer the right way with P Darling — an essential addition to any gift box.

N Dazzling

N Dazzling is exactly what it sounds like, and it is a great gift for a sister or sister-in-law who loves anything with a whimsical and imaginative nature. These nails look like something out of a dream with their cloudy rainbow watercolor that fades to white along the edges and shines with small gold decals. Every gold fleck is like a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. 

If your sister loves cute and colorful scrunchies, vibrant home decor, retro tote bags, and having a good time, N Dazzling is the manicure for her.

N Celadon

This sleek sage manicure is perfect for anyone searching for a gift set for a mature mind. N Celadon is a clean and elegant gel set made complete with a jade marbling effect and gold foil details. Its inspiration from Goryo celadon, a type of Korean ceramic, makes this mani a multifaceted gem of a gift that will leave a grown-up sis in awe.

N Newtro No. 1

This mani is fun, futuristic, and unique in every way. Pastel ombre pinks and blues underlay a shimmering glitter gel that sets off intricate holographic pieces on top. Multiple elements make N Newtro No. 1 an ideal pick your one-of-a-kind sister will love for weeks.

N Hanbok

For your mature and grown-up sister — little or big — N Hanbok plays to these classy elements with its classically traditional Korean design inspired by the colors and feel of traditional Hanbok attire. 

Dreamy and wispy pastel ombre swims beautifully around this manicure, giving childlike whimsy and mature tradition a common meeting ground. Set off by gem rhinestone florals and luminous pearl decals, N Hanbok is one for the Han-books.

N Fairy Cake

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” but on Sister Day, we wear N Fairy Cake. It’s everything you love about pink put into overdrive, and we are living for it. A warm pink gel base mixed with pink glitter make for a magical party at your fingertips. Complete with heart-shaped rhinestone details, you’ll make your sister stand out this Sister Day.

N Tie-Dye

With another traditionally inspired design, N Tie-Dye plays homage to the dyeing processes of Korean Hanbok and the color scheme it creates. This formal mani is deep, earthy, and warm with a multicolored gel base swirled into beauty and set with gold foil inlay. For all the lovers of tradition and depth, this manicure is calling.

P Heart-Beat

True love has always been and will always be reserved for those nearest and dearest to us. Represent that love for your sister with P Heart-Beat, a pedicure filled to the brim with all the lovey-dovey details you could imagine. 

This set has a pink and silver glitter gel base to coat all the little piggies. In contrast, the big piggy has a cream-white base with purple heart-shaped gemstones and lilac and silver foil decals. It would make anyone’s heart start to pump.

N Free

Color speaks volumes. Did you know that the color blue represents things like unity, harmony, and loyalty? These are all qualities the bonds of sisterhood require, and with N Free, you can express all of this without saying it. 

With a clear gel base, N Free is lit up with beautiful blue plaid patterns, glitter gel, and open heart details. It’s a refreshing take on the usual soft blue, and it could just be the perfect unspoken gift for your sister.

N Cotton

We’re not just talking white balls of cotton for taking off old nail polish or removing makeup at the end of the day. No, we’re talking about the blue and pink sugary goddess you get for a ride on the Ferris wheel at the end-of-summer fair.

N Cotton pulls in the soft and fluffy colors of cotton candy in a multicolored mani. This set is perfect for the end of summer when you can reminisce over memories with loved ones, especially your sister. The pink rhinestone heart detail on each thumb will make sure of that.

N Tiger-Jelly

You’re going to hear your sister’s nails roar when they’re worn out and about. N Tiger-Jelly is a fierce statement manicure with soft details and the image of a tiger.

Bold animal print strikes from the undergrowth as clear gel base accents the face of the tiger and an open heart tiger tail. It’s big and bold at the same time that it’s sweet and soft, making it perfect for someone of a similar personality. Maybe that’s your sister.

N Sweet-Pea

Aptly named, this trendy and cute manicure is bursting with things to make you smile. Handdrawn detailing depicting the face of a chubby little bear and an open heart accent mix ideally with the warm orange and muted teal color scheme with an added plaid design.

Camera filters may have inspired N Sweet-Pea, but your sister won’t need one when she wear this sweet mani out and about — or rocks it while lounging around in her favorite leggings or bathrobe.

N Mirage

Your sister will be doing double-takes with this dreamy set. N Mirage features a beautiful ombre blend of pink and purple gel accented by heart-shaped rhinestone details and a cascade of purple and silver glitter. Your sister be asking herself if it’s even real after she sees it up close and personal, like a mirage at her fingertips.

N Latte Bear

This cult-favorite DIY manicure is to die for, and it’s the perfect gift for the best sister ever — especially if she always has a coffee mug in her hand. Inspired by coffee and cuteness, this is a manicure for the sister whose coffee maker is her best friend.

This warm and vibrant mocha set is centered around a jelly bear and heart detail and has beautiful mocha marbling. Your sister will literally be drinking it in with every glance, and with these espresso and cream hues, she’ll want to wear these nails forever. N Latte Bear is the perfect way to share the warm fuzzies of appreciation and love with someone close to you.

N Philosophy

You simply can’t go wrong with N Philosophy. This year-round showstopper has multicolored muted tones of blue, pink, and beige, but it doesn’t stop there. It also comes complete with glitter accent nails that surround the understated nails, making them pop even more. It’s the perfect mix of mature and wild. It pairs well with a wine glass and some stimulating conversation.

Add a Manicure to Your Gift Basket

If you want to put together the perfect gift for your sister on National Sister Day, one of the manicure kits listed above is a fantastic starting point. You can also throw in some other self-care and style essentials, like:

  • Her favorite skincare products (even that one super-expensive moisturizer she swears by)

  • A new water bottle
  • A cozy throw blanket 
  • Some stylish and retro hoop earrings

  • Some seeds to start her own herb garden
  • A colorful case for her iPhone
  • A Bluetooth speaker for a sister who loves her tunes
  • A mini essential oil diffuser for relaxing vibes
  • A small something from her favorite boutique in New York 

Whatever you add to your gift basket, your sister (biological or not) will love being celebrated by you — and that’s what matters most.

Sista, Sista

National Sister Day has been in effect since 1996, when Tricia Eleogram of Tennessee founded it to celebrate sisterhood. It may seem like a small and maybe insignificant day to some, but to most, Sister Day can offer the opportunity to celebrate one of the most important people in your life. Sister Day is the equivalent of Mother or Father’s Day, and we think it’s essential to treat it as such.

Let’s show our sisters how much they have truly been our best friends and biggest champions from day one by sending them something to make them know their value. If one of these manicures is part of your way to share how much you care, don’t forget to include a UV gel nail light that you can get and give for free with any first purchase at 

And don’t let the appreciation end here. Let this be a moment to send some love to your sister, but remember that they don’t stop being your sister once it’s over. Keep on loving them as big and boldly as they deserve. Happy Sister Day. 



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