Long Wood Stick

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A dual square-round tip wooden stick that’s perfect for doing your nails on your own.

Can be used for a number of purposes, such as applying nail strips, removing nail strips, and grooming your cuticles.

Each box contains 50 single-use wooden sticks.


Product Benefits

1. Dual Use - sturdy stick features two different shaped ends - one slanted and one pointed - that can be used for various purposes.
2. Ergonomic - 127 mm length fits comfortably into your hand.
3. Large Quantity - box of 50 single-use sticks is perfect for avid manicure and pedicure fans.


Using the Long Wooden Stick

Case 1. Applying Nail Strips
※ Use round tip to smooth down the strip and increase its adhesion onto your nail.

Case 2. Removing Nail Strips
• Dip end of stick in your preferred nail polish remover or acetone solution.
※ Make sure wood is sufficiently soaked with the remover or solution.
• Use the wet tip to gently push and lift the edge strip off your nail.

Case 3. Grooming Nail Cuticle 
• Use square tip to gently push back and tidy your cuticle.

Long Wood Stick