ohora Be Bold Collection Box (5 Sets)

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Why settle for ordinary nails when you can Be Bold? With the ohora Be Bold Collection Set, you'll feel confident, stylish, and ready to take on the world. 

Be Bold Collection Box comes with 5 sets: N Bold, N Signature, N Secret, N Intense, N Luxuriant. An individual set is not available to purchase at this moment.

30 Nail strips (16 basics & 14 accents) in 15 different sizes
2 Prep Pads & 1 Nail File & 1 Wooden Stick

*The instruction card may not be included in some product packages. To access detailed instructions on how to apply ohora semi-cured gel nails, simply scan the QR code located on the side of the package.

Easy Application & Removal
Safe Cosmetic-Grade Formula
Fits on Any Size Nail
Unique C-Curve Design
Manufactured with Care

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ohora Be Bold Collection Box (5 Sets)